Taiwan: “Friends” Can’t Be Spies!

According the today Taipei Times (HERE)

“…Military police had detained the tourist, Ma Zhongfei (馬中飛), chairman of a high-tech company in China, for taking photos of military property at the Armed Forces Recruitment Center in Taipei. He was placed under arrest late on Monday night and detained for questioning…”

Officers yesterday escort Chinese tourist Ma Zhongfei, center, to reconstruct his movements at the Armed Forces Recruitment Center in Taipei, where he was arrested on Monday on suspicion of taking photographs for intelligence purposes.

He had been arrested because he had entered a restricted area through a back door, after which he immediately pulled out his camera and began taking pictures.

Ma (the tourist) claimed that he entered the MND center as he was on Keelung Road on his way to Xindian in Taipei County, where he planned to pay his respects to a deceased friend.

I have several comments or questions:

  • How come it is so easy to enter a military restricted area? Either this tourist is very good at that or the security of this area is highly questionable
  • Did officers verified his plan to visit Xindian?
  • Is taking pictures of restricted military facilities a common and normal activity for a tourist?

According Taipei Times, the tourist was still interrogated by the prosecutor.

But this morning on the CNA website (HERE), the tourist has been released…

No problem, no pressure on him to leave right away Taiwan, nothing.

If a Taiwanese tourist was caught doing the same thing in China, I don’t think so that Chinese authorities would be so “nice”.

Beside, Taipei Times quoted DPP Legislator Yeh Yi-ching (葉宜津):


Chinese tourists have also been found filming and taking photos of the air force’s Chiashan [佳山] base in Hualien when they visited a scenic spot next to the base, but the military and the government did nothing to stop it and prevent military secrets from being leaked.

Perhaps the government should rename Chiashan air force base as Chiashan sightseeing spot


Sure, friends from China could not be spies here…

There are just tourists…



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One Response

  1. the only spies for this government are those “so-called Taiwanese”, e.g. those who want Taiwan to be independent.
    they are shameless (according to Minister of Health, Mr. Yeh).
    chinese are good (money, money…), so they cannot be spies

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