Taiwan this Week: Sugar Talks, Rice, WHA and KMT

I will not talk about the poor reaction of the Taiwanese Minister of Health when facing students in Geneva. Anyone who watched the full video (HERE) and not the few “selected” seconds as shown in local media can judge without bias.

But I have several topics quite (I think) worthy to note.

Let’s talk about the sugar-coated talk of President (?) Ma, saying that Taiwan is going to recover soon this year.

By the way, anyone remember his campaign and his 6-3-3 slogan?

Looks like anyone forgot, especially him.

According IMD, Taiwan went from the 13th to the 23rd rank in the 2009 International Competitiveness scoreboard (HERE).

Taiwan’s economy contracted by a record 10.24% in the first quarter from a year earlier as Western consumers refrained from buying the island’s exports, prompting the government to revise down its growth forecast for 2009.

The government said it now expects gross domestic product to decline 4.25% this year, compared with its February estimate of a 2.97% drop (read more in Wall Street Journal HERE).

Major markets across the Asia-Pacific region ended in the red on Friday, mirroring the losses on Wall Street amid concerns about the pace of global economic recovery (HERE).

A snapshot of the Taiwanese Economy since M. Ma became president, from Taipei Times (HERE):

April 2009: US$14.85 billion, down 34.3 percent from US$22.59 billion a year ago.

April 2009: US$12.71 billion, down 41.2 percent from US$21.59 billion a year ago.


US$2.14 billion last month, up 116.3 percent from US$1 billion a year ago.

March 2009: US$23.94 billion, down 24.29 percent from US$31.62 billion a year ago.


March 2009: down 26.03 percent from a year ago.


2009 GDP growth forecast: minus 2.97 percent, versus 0.12 percent in 2008.
2009 per capita GNP forecast: US$15,957, from US$17,576 in 2008.


2009 forecast: minus 0.82 percent, from 3.53 percent in 2008.


March 2009: 5.81 percent, with 630,000 people out of a job, up from 3.86 percent a year ago, when 417,000 people were unemployed.


April 2009: 49.79 points, down from 68.48 points a year ago (a score below 100 indicates pessimism, while one between 100 and 200 indicates optimism).


Yesterday’s close: 6,655.59, down 2,639.61 points, or 28.4 percent, from 9,295.20 a year ago.

Not bad in just one year…!!!

Still, the central administration is saying (HERE):

“The worst is over as seen by rising export figures and the rallies in the equity market,” Tsai said.
Exports, the mainstay of the economy, are forecast to drop 21.81 percent this year, with a decline of 32.87 percent in the second quarter and 21.31 percent in the third quarter, the report said.

I don’t know for you, but for me, it’s pure sugar-coated talk.

Taiwanese, sleep in peace…

Last Monday, the Changhua prosecutor’s office alleged that at least eight rice merchants had bribed officials in five agricultural associations to switch pig-feed grade rice for premium rice used in school lunches countrywide so they could pocket the difference in price.

It’s still under investigation so as far as I know, there are no clear conclusions yet.

But why Taipei city waited 4 days (HERE) before taking safe measures to protect kids eating food for pigs?

Just in case?

Everyday, we can read or listen the news about Taiwan and the WHA: Taiwan is named “Chinese Taipei” as in others organizations Taiwan is a member too. So what is the big deal?

The big deal is that according the WHA, Taiwan is in fact : “Taiwan, province of China.”

This part is not so repeated in the local news…

And according the today Taipei Times (HERE), it seems that historical monuments in Taiwan do not belong to the country, but to the political party in power, the KMT:


The Chinese Nationalist Party’s (KMT) emblem is pictured on the Jingfu Gate in Taipei yesterday. Inset: Taipei City Democratic Progressive Party councilors Chuang Ruei-hsiung, left, and Liu Yao-ren hold up signs in protest in front of the gate, saying they would sue the Taipei City Government for damaging a historical relic by painting the Chinese Nationalist Party emblem on top of the monument.

I don’t know… But it looks strange for me…

An active week in Taiwan…


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5 Responses

  1. and more than half of the taiwanese just love the sweets given by KMT
    they are so happy with the sweets that they don’t see anything else
    not all of us but some
    and the rest of us who don’t take the sweets?
    we are just bitter and sour …

  2. Jo, it seems you don’t like the sweets…

  3. I have the same feeling as you. However, if you look back Taiwanese history you can understand easily. Most of Taiwanese are only thinking their own money and benefit. They could sell their mother, father, and even their own country if someone wanna pay for it. That’s way after 400 years, Taiwanese still not as a real country. I felt so sad be a Taiwanese. I wish time can go fast to 2012 and hopefully, next Taiwanese leader wouldn’t be a lier again. Wish all the best for my own country of Taiwan.

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  5. Roger, we will see if a new president will emerge in 2012 or not…
    Maybe Taiwanese will react… Who knows?

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