Taiwan: Casino or Not?

Last January, the Legislative Yuan (lawmakers) passed amendments to the Offshore Islands Development Act, allowing casinos activity if more than 50% of the concerned population agree through a referendum.

Many people at that time protested for different kind of reasons: ethics, politics, black money whatever, just name it.

But at least, the final world should belong to the people.

According the Taiwan Referendum Act, there are 2 stages before a referendum could take place:

  1. collect 0.5% of the voters signatures to propose the referendum
  2. then, collect 5% to let the referendum to be launched at a further decided time schedule

But today, in an article from Taipei Times (HERE), we could read:


Earlier this year, Penghu County Commissioner Wang Chien-fa (王乾發) said that the county would hold a referendum next month and start reviewing investment plans from interested parties, and — if everything went smoothly — casino resorts would begin operation in 2013.


Obviously for him, asking the opinion from the population was just a formality…

But if it was easy to pass the first stage, it seems that the second one is far to be done.

I supposed that a lot of officials and KMT legislators must be “disappointed”.

And they expressed it:


Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Penghu County Councilor Hu Sung-jung (胡松榮) said:

“The county government should be more active in mobilizing people to sign the petition so that the problem can be resolved,”


But why?

The government is supposed to remain neutral, isn’t it?

Or does it has some special agenda?

Finally, it seems that the population is realizing that this casino project may not be a so good idea at all…

We will see…


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2 Responses

  1. neutral? what’s neutral?
    never heard of it…

  2. Jo… Come on! Neutral, you know: N…E…U…T…R…A…L
    We used this word about Switzerland 😉
    Uh Huh! Can’t we for Taiwan?

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