Taiwan: A Real Possible Growth for the Tourism Sector?

I wrote in the past, several posts about the Chinese tourists and the gap between what Taiwan expects and the real figures.

It seems that China is allowing more tourists to visit this beautiful island (did you say politics? :-)  )

Anyway, it supposed to be good for business.

But when you see the parking capacities for the buses, the qualities and capacities for the hotels and the real efforts from the Taiwan Tourism Bureau (and other administrations), you could doubt about  for how long Formosa will be the “Beautiful Island”…

Today in CNA (HERE) and Taipei Times (HERE), there was a story about the area surrounding Jiaming Lake (嘉明湖) — the nation’s second-highest mountain lake at an altitude of 3,310m.

It is an amazing place: a pond with a diameter of 120 meters located in Taitung County’s Haiduan township

But just 500 hikers succeeded to create a mess there.

Because the lack of space, water etc… there were even several fights.


The ecological balance and harmony of the mountains in the vicinity was greatly disturbed by the human invasion, said Ta Hai, an aboriginal porter from Lidao township in Taitung County.


According official figures, the lake has been attracting more than 10,000 hikers a year since the approach trails were renovated four years ago.

What officials are doing?

If nothing is done, this place will just disappear as the rest…

And what if foreign tourists (as China is increasing its number of allowed travelers here) decide to go there?

It seems to me that there are NO real plan to develop tourism here.

They only care about now. Not about tomorrow.

That make me feel sad for this beautiful country and the people who really care about its beauty.


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2 Responses

  1. thanks for the info.
    my friend was just talking about going to this lake for the dragon boat festival and asked me to go with her in fact
    now i am sure she’d change her mind after reading this news

    and about the development of tourism, i think they’ve got a plan
    that is: to get the money today. tomorrow is another day and let someone else to worry about it
    sounds like a good plan???

  2. As usual, JO.
    Concerning the trade off between today and tomorrow, they always chose the stupid one.

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