Taiwan: Police and Gangsters…

I think you remember the violence few days ago when students (4 or 5 maybe?) shouted and showed some slogans against the president of Taiwan (for how long?) in front a temple the president was visiting in Tainan, south of Taiwan.

Right away, a group of people wearing black (Taiwanese will understand this “precision”) shirts or tee-shirts attacked them in front the police…

Who were arrested?

The students…

Not mentioning according the below link, the fact that the police harassed the student the following days…

Echotaiwan posted today some links.

I felt a little bit disturbed…

Have a look HERE.

The movie is quite instructing about the behavior of the police…

More and more of this kind of behavior since the new power is in charge in Taiwan…


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2 Responses

  1. more and more i am convinced that i should move to one of the philippines islands soon…

  2. I am not sure Jo that Philippines is more safe…

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