China: The New Friend of Taiwan, and the Quake Victims

Do you remember few months ago the devastating earthquake in Sichuan province, China?

Thousand and thousand of people were killed including a lot of children because their poorly built schools just collapsed (but not the schools constructed for the richer Chinese, just beside…).

Not only China harassed and put in jail the parents or people talking or complaining about this event, but it never published the official number of the kids, killed by the quake.

Now, it is done since yesterday.

5,335 students were killed.

Can you believe this number?

No one does of course.

According the Chinese state media (it means the official voice of China), about 7,000 schools totally collapsed.

So according China, less than one kid per school died…

The parents were not only put in jail, beaten by the police and harassed, but now, the memory of these kids has been insulted.

That is from the new friend of Taiwan (at least people in charge)…


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2 Responses

  1. do you remember that in Tibet the army didn’t shoot any single bullet but some tibetans were found dead on the street with bullets in their bodies?

    same amazing china!

  2. No Jo, I don’t remember that China pretended it.
    … But I won’t be surprised 🙂

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