Taiwan – KMT and CHINA: Hand in Hand

I know, a lot of people already reacted about the Japanese representative in Taiwan (Masaki Saito) and his comment about Taiwan’s status still unresolved.”

For me, he just stated a fact people know but do not speak out.

So why people are pretending to be shocked (except they have any special “agenda”)?

Beside, do you remember the decision from the Superior Court in US 2 or 3 weeks ago, concerning the status of Taiwan?

Right away, the KMT complained (the blue party, in power):


Masaki Saito seriously sabotaged relations between Taiwan and Japan by making inappropriate remarks that infringed on [Taiwan’s] sovereignty,” the resolution said. “Such an act constituted interference in the nation’s internal affairs. [Saito] overstepped the authority of a diplomat


And then, China joined the wagon:


“We express our strong dissatisfaction [with the comments],” Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu (馬朝旭) said in a statement on its Web site. “The Chinese government has already made solemn representations with the Japanese side.”


The same KMT members who published calendars using simplified Chinese and China public holidays to be distributed in Taiwan are complaining about Saito…

That is funny… to hear them about the sovereignty of Taiwan.

If the Japanese envoy said that Taiwan is part of China, do you think that we will have these kind of feed back?

What to say?

As usual:



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2 Responses

  1. the leader of Taiwan Province, Mr. Ma, said it loud and clear already:
    “Taiwan is part of the Republic of China”
    the sovereignty of Taiwan is so clear
    what “unresolved”
    how can that Jap don’t understand?
    Republic of China, People’s Republic of China…
    same same lah…

  2. Yes Jo…
    Of course, only one point of view is correct: the Chinese one…

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