Taiwan and the WHO

You cannot miss this news: Taiwan has been invited as an observer at the WHO, after so many years of trying.

The government is shouting, as many others, “Big News”…

Many people in Taiwan believe that this result is a consequence of a “special agreement” between China and Taiwan.

M. Ma, his government, and legislators are saying that Taiwan lost nothing about its pride or whatever.

“Believe us!”

Beside,  if my memory does not fail me, the Department of Health Minister said yesterday that the participation of Taiwan in the WHO was a result of a negotiation between WHO and Taiwan, without China.

But the speaker of the WHO said that the WHO had nothing to do with that…

Common sense drives me to believe him.

So, what’s about the saying of Ma and his government?

I think you know…

And by the way, if someone is asking if the next year participation depends on the willing of China… No one is answering… Including WHO…

Come on! Nobody knows if this invitation is automatically renewed or not?

Who can decently believe it?


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