Taiwan: Dismiss. Nothing to See.

Maybe you remember last November, when a top negotiator from China came to Taiwan and everything became a mess: the police being everywhere, no right for Taiwanese to show the National Taiwanese Flag, the violence, etc…

The time when it looked like Taiwan should not show that it is not a province of China.

Among other cases, one made the first page of the Taiwanese Media: the Sunrise Records shop, selling CD of any kind of music and as many music shop, playing music. But that was during the visit of the negotiator from China.

The police was at that time, accused by witnesses and the owner of the shop of forcing the shop to turn off (or down) the music and even close the outside curtain.

At least, it is what I read from many sources.

And I do not remember any opposite point of view.

Anyway, even me, I totally forgot that story.

But today was the result of the investigation and… the decision from the prosecutors.

Verdict is: nothing to look at. Go back home.

According the prosecutors (HERE):


sales clerk at the store had voluntarily turned down the music and pulled down the shutter after being asked to do so by police


So, the police went inside (without any warrant) asked to turn off the music and blah blah blah.

What do you want the clerk do? If it really was him.

That is not an evidence of using force without reason?

Just because the music was a typical Taiwanese song?

I don’t understand…

By the way, the chief police officer, sued in the Court, was a short time after the event, promoted to Shihlin Precinct chief in Taipei.

Moreover, I don’t remember of any policeman being indicted for any kind of violence during that period of time, including for the case, if my memory doesn’t fail me, of a reporter severely beaten by the police…

I do not know.

But for outsiders, it could be easily understood that cases put to the Court are selectively chosen… by the prosecutors.

But maybe I misunderstood the media.

But maybe what I read from the media was incorrect.

But maybe prosecutors have nothing to do with politics.

But maybe the opposition party, the DPP, is an awful violent party.

Editorial Cartoon Taipei Times April 26 2006 

I remember that a while ago a famous former minister of Quebec (or Canada?) said:

“… If my grandmother had wheels, she would be a bus…”



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One Response

  1. I was young during the martial law era. I didn’t remember much, or was brainwashed. I couldn’t speak Taiwanese in school or I would be fined. And KMT taught us that only the lower class speak Taiwanese, so and so, I dislike people who spoke Taiwanese. And I as a Taiwanese, don’t really speak it well.

    Now, they are forbiding people to play music they didn’t like. Anyone, who is pro-KMT is not guilty of the crime they commited. Anyone, who is pro-DDP or pro-Independence, Pro-Taiwan will be put on trial and committed in jail without reasonable cause.

    I really thought Taiwan is a country of democracy. Mr. Ma a law graduated from Harvard doesn’t understand law?

    Mr. Ma signed nternational Covenant on
    Civil and Political Rights. But does he understand what is human right?

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