Today! The special Day!

Today, is my annual special day…


Are you looking at the candles?

Yes… I am for ever under-aged!


Ahhhh… Stolen picture from Google…

Too busy for my lectures and research…

And the week-end I also have to handle my position as the CCO, and that, between two documents.

CCO? You don’t know what this top position in the ladder is?

…Chief Cinderella Officer.


Queen D has to fly today.

But… We will have diner outside today, when she is back later this afternoon before her tomorrow duty. Fortunately, today is only a short haul flight.

If I had a cat, I suppose that the party will finish like that (for the cat of course 🙂 ):

Ok… I have to go back to my CCO duties…


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5 Responses

  1. Bonne anniversaire Francois.

  2. Chere Chris, Merci 🙂
    Comment vas-tu?

  3. belated happy bday!

  4. It’s your birthday, Frank ? Happy Birthday !
    How are you and Deborah ? It has been a long time …

  5. Thank you Jo 🙂 Very Sweet

    Yes Janet, it is 🙂 ( it was)
    Deborah and me are fine, thank you 🙂
    We should meet!

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