Taiwan: Don’t Throw Away Money

In many countries, it is forbidden to deface legal money.

You don’t know what is it? Think about drawing what ever you want on a note… A moustache on the Queen, or Washington, or whatever…

But… Is it legal to throw away money?

It maybe could be assimilated as defacing the money or match the regulation that it is forbidden to withdraw money from circulation.

Come on! Think about the fountains you are throwing money to bring you luck…

But what’s about you are really throwing away money, for example on the street?

Officially, you are not allowed to put money out from its circulation…

It’s true in USA and in France.

What’s about Taiwan?

Here is a news from today’s China Post in Taiwan:


Police of the central Changhua City yesterday arrested a man who allegedly threw over NT$1 million worth of cash on the streets of Taiwan


I don’t know the laws about this subject in Taiwan.

Throwing away money…

According the news, he put on the streets or roads quite a lot of money.

… At least more than TWD 400,000 (more than USD 11,000)…

Like in Japan a while ago, the guy who put money in the mailbox of people…

… And he was considered as a hero…

What did Taiwanese police do with this guy?

Obviously, it seems that throwing away money is not forbidden in Taiwan.

… But throwing waste on the highway (notice that it is not street or road…) is an offense which could be fined for NT$3,000 (US$88) to NT$6,000 (US$176).

And then, they put him in the hand of the freeway police…

So in Taiwan, money is waste?

Obviously yes, since this guy is in the police company…

Two solutions:

  • The police way of thinking is “strange”
  • Money on the floor is waste, supposed to be recycled

In both case, don’t you think something is “STRANGE” here?

That is too much…



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One Response

  1. delivering money to someone’s mailbox, you are a Santa.
    throwing something (currency notes in this case) out of the car while driving, you are littering.
    and littering is not allowed
    and littering on the highway is even worse
    you could cause accidents
    that’s endangering other people’s lives
    how bad is that!
    therefore, he is guilty!

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