Taiwan: Which One Is Really Pathetic?

As usual, Taiwanese Media brought quite a lot of “remarkable” news.

One which I didn’t consider as very important, was repeated several times this week: you know the story about some souvenirs sold by Taiwanese Museums but made in China.

Most of the cheap stuff are made in China, thanks to the advantages provided to businesses moving there (at least for now…). So, is it a big deal?

But it became a big news when the KMT (pro-unification party) legislator Chiang Lien-fu (江連福) said (HERE) “it was ironic and pathetic that the reproductions bought in such large volumes by Chinese tourists turned out to be made in China

So, I am wondering… What is pathetic?

  • The fact that souvenirs were made in China and not in Taiwan? Or…
  • The fact that selling souvenirs made in China was not good enough for the wonderful Chinese tourists who are coming to save the Taiwanese economy? Or…
  • The fact that everything is done to push Taiwanese businesses to go to China (one of the maybe result from the ECFA the KMT government is trying to achieve)?

But THE solution has been found: labels have been printed and then put on the “faulty” souvenirs.

What is on the label? Simple: “Designed in Taiwan”.

Whoah! What’s a solution to this emergency…

The honor of Chinese is now safe again. They are buying designed-in-Taiwan products!

It doesn’t matter that it should cost quite a lot of money to put these useless (?) labels… Anyway, Taiwanese tax-payers are covering the cost…

And, nothing is good enough for “them”…

What if buyers are Taiwanese? No problem. Who cares about “rednecks”?

But the fact that it took two weeks for the president to say something about KUO (you know the story about the GIO official who insulted Taiwan and Taiwanese), is not pathetic for this legislator?

The excuse from the presidential office: we have to be sure that KUO is really guilty to preserve his human rights (even though KUO already admitted to be the author).

The fact that human rights are emphasized for the blue camp but never for the green one, is not pathetic for this legislator?

Anyway, he is not alone…

You know the hilarious story Taipei Times published as April’s Fool (see my previous post). A lot of people and bloggers all around the world mentioned it.

But one KMT (pro-unification) legislator complained (HERE):


Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Legislator Wu Yu-sheng (吳育昇) yesterday called the story “untrue and baseless” and urged the Taipei Times to print an apology.


Sure, making jokes about Pandas and their Chinese Government supplier is totally forbidden.

Do not make jokes about Chinese.

Not only this legislator is ridiculous by asking a newspaper to apology for publishing an obvious (and funny without any insult or discrimination) April prank, but he is ridiculous by showing that saying anything funny about Chinese should be forbidden, not mentioning that obviously (or maybe not) he didn’t understand this article.

Sure, freedom of speech is only for people like the KMT member KUO…

Insulting Taiwan and Taiwanese is OK…

Joking about pandas is almost criminal!

Pathetic, isn’t it?


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3 Responses

  1. the most pathetic part of the news for me is that most Taiwanese don’t feel a thing about how these KMTs are insulting them…
    money money money
    it’s all about money
    that’s how Taiwan became the 18th largest economy body around the world

  2. JO, money is only one aspect. What’s about incompetence? What’s about choosing reunification rather than accepting the status quo or independence?
    “They” won’t get more money than they already have…
    It’s more an ideology move than anything else.
    For “them”, Taiwan is nothing.
    That’s all.
    Sad, isn’t it?
    But it’s a fact, and “they” are acting more freely now.
    Will Taiwanese react when election time come?

  3. fvarga,
    this is what i meant when i said Taiwanese are pathetic
    they only see the “picture” drawn up by the KMT and are happy about it
    they think there is money in front of them so they go for it
    apart from money, they don’t see anything else
    anything else is just minor issue, not even an issue
    (great education system by KMT!)
    and that’s the majority of the Taiwanese
    so will the Taiwanese react when election time comes?
    yes, they react
    to MONEY!
    how pathetic is that!

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