The dog Ate the Homework

Important: my students have no right to read this post… Shame on you

You are late for your last report?

Too busy with your Internet games?

Now, people cannot anymore say that their canine companion ate the document…

Come on! It’s the information technology age!

So what to do?

You feel depressed because you can’t provide the file on time.

Don’t worry, here is your savior: The File Destructor.

File Destructor is the electronic equivalent to the hungry dog.

Rather than eating your printed document, this tool eats the electronic file itself.

Actually what happens when you visit their site is that they will create a broken file for you.

Enter a filename (use your imagination about the title… it’s supposed to be the title of the document “eaten by your dog” 😉 ), a size, and choose a file extension (they offer almost any possible extension), and click the button.

They will create a file which from the outside looks like a legitimate file, but contains nothing but gibberish inside.


Did I mentioned it’s free?

Uh Oh…

I should not blog this post.

Oh no! My dog just ate my “Delete” key…

Oh go on


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Naive… Are you sure?

A long time ago, a visitor from out of town came to a tour in Manhattan.

At the end of the tour they took him to the financial district.

When they arrived to Battery Park the guide showed him some nice yachts anchoring there, and said, "Here are the yachts of our bankers and stockbrokers."

"And where are the yachts of the investors?" asked the naive visitor.



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Taiwan and the Freedom of Speech Principle

According the yesterday’s Taipei Times, insulting remarks about Taiwanese and Taiwan were published at several occasions in Canada (and elsewhere?).

Some examples:


…(Taiwanese are referred) as “rednecks” or Japanese pirates…

…“[China] should spend many years suppressing [people in Taiwan] instead of granting any political freedom [to them] once it has taken Taiwan by force,”…

…“the imposition of martial law (in Taiwan) had been a benevolent act of the then government”…

“the Maokong Gondola is problematic because it was sabotaged by Taiwanese independence [activists].”

Those remarks are not only insulting but also (for the gondola) totally false. Facts are facts and the gondola problems only came from a poor technical and environmental evaluation as everyone agrees here.

Anyway, we could think that people should benefit from the freedom of speech (if it doesn’t involve libeling and insulting). And I do believe in that principle.

But, it turned out that the author (or one of the authors?) of the above remarks is, according the newspaper, Kuo Kuan-ying, director of the information division at Taiwan’s representative office in Toronto.

Yes, an employee of the central administration of Taiwan…

When the Government Information Office (GIO) Minister Su Jun-pin was approached in view to look into the matter he answered according the newspaper, that the author will not be punished because the “freedom of speech (principle)”.

It seems for me that the definition of this freedom is quite “flexible” since a while in Taiwan.

When people were shouting to the former president “step down”, no problem (anyway even for me, I don’t see any problem in that).

But if a 17 years-old kid shout the same sentence to the actual president, he is brought to the police station…

And now, if civil servants are libeling, insulting and denigrating facts, it is considered as been covered by the freedom of speech principle.

I did not know that a democratic country could have a so flexible definition.

But maybe I am wrong somewhere?


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Taiwan: You Cannot Escape, Puny Humans…

Two days ago, I posted (HERE) about the lawmakers project which, if approved, will authorize any elected man to look around private data without the knowledge of the person(s) concerned.

In today Taipei Times, I found their cartoon quite, uh… how to say… very “informative”…

Much more than any words 😉

I do believe that all of you remember that in a democratic country, we have the separation of powers: legislative, executive and judicial.

Think about that…


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China: Nobody Understand Their Sweet Heart

In a speech for the anniversary of a failed 1959 uprising passed in Tibet, the Dalai Lama, the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader (and Nobel Price) said that Chinese control had turned his homeland into a “hell on Earth.”

Of course the Chinese reaction was quick (HERE):


“Like a child trying to draw attention from other people by crying, the marginalized old monk started a round of false accusations which were rhetorically inflammatory and demagogic but untenable in fact,”


And now, ladies and gentlemen, here is the best of the best (same source):


“This ‘hell on earth’ is precisely ‘paradise on earth’ for ordinary Tibetans,” the official Xinhua news agency said in one of a series of sharply worded editorials.


So China wants to convince the world that Tibet is “paradise on earth”.

Sure, everyone is believing it 😆

China is so good and nice… It’s people who do not understand the sweet Chinese heart…

Even Jane Goodall (do you remember her? She revolutionized research with her studies of chimpanzees beginning in 1960) does not understand!

Shame on her!

She declared (HERE):


China’s thirst for natural resources, including wood and minerals, is leading to massive deforestation in Africa and the destruction of crucial wildlife habitat.


She didn’t explicitly express it but we could guess her thoughts: China is creating a hell in Africa

And of course, you could guess the Chinese answer: Thanks to us, Africa is a pure paradise for all…

Sure… so nice paradise…

For China, its paradise’s showroom in Africa is Sudan…


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Taiwan: Everyday, More and More

Despite objections from the Ministry of the Interior (MOI), the Legislative Yuan (congress)’s Internal Administration Committee yesterday passed an amendment to the Nationality Act banning anyone with permanent residency in a foreign country from holding public office (see HERE).

For me, it sounds good and I was happy with that (I mean I found it logical in a normal country) until… I read the last sentence of the article:


In response to reporters’ questions about the amendment, the Presidential Office yesterday said that President Ma Ying-jeou’s (馬英九) US citizenship was no longer an issue because he has provided evidence to prove that his green card was no longer valid.

I do remember that he denied but I do not remember he provided evidence. Do you?

Anyway, it is a small drop in the ocean of bitter facts. Just read…

I was amazed with the today’s news (HERE):


(A clause will) allow elected representatives to gather personal information for investigation without the knowledge of the person concerned…


To be more precise, the blue side is trying to put this amendment in a new law…

Can you believe that?

Why? It is normally the job and attribution of appointed investigators (prosecutors…)

Why do we need to allow legislators or any other elected people to do this?

Oh… I forgot… All the “congress” is blue… Guess what “one” could do…

Wait, not finished yet about today’s news…

Public servants MUST pass an examination on the Chinese constitution… See the  source in Chinese HERE, from Echo Taiwan,

Why? According the Minister, few people know about the laws in China and because Cross-Strait situation is improving, it became a need.

So why not put on the exam, the French constitution? Or the American’s one? And what’s about Japan? Oh, Taiwan does not plan to develop relationships with USA? With France? With Japan? What’s about other countries?

I guess you got the answer already.

So of course, stories about the thesis of the President or his Green Card are nothing with the day to day events, such the last two I just mentioned.

I am not aware that people feel very concerned…

Do you know the 3 monkeys’ shape?

Maybe it’s the reason…

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China: Do Not Expect Democracy, It Is Confirmed

Yes, it’s confirmed…

Do we need to be surprised? Of course not. It is not the first time and it won’t be the last time.

The big boss of the National People’s Congress (China) Wu Bangguo confirmed (see HERE) that China will never embrace democracy.

Beside, still according him, don’t expect what we call the separation of powers (legislative, executive and judicial).

So no wonder that last week, officials from Sichuan (remember the devastating earthquake) announced that if all the schools collapsed while others (quite close but for “richer” kids) didn’t, it is all because the power of the earthquake.

Nothing to do with the quality of the construction… So all officials and companies involved in those constructions are totally innocent… That is the conclusion of the investigation.

People who lost their only one kid (yes…, remember the Chinese policy) who tried since this awful event to complain, are put to jail or forced to shut up.

Of course, it is just a coincidence if all the bad constructions collapsed when others, reserved for more “lucky people”, still stand up…

And still according to Wu Bangguo, the Court, prosecutors and judges are supposed to follow the policies of the communist party.

Still, some countries are willing to be the best friend of China.

See Sudan (HERE): its president is indicted by the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) for war crimes. So he is putting out all the NGO, and during the ceremony… he signed a contract with a Chinese company.

That is the country the Taiwanese government is willing to unify with… At least it is what we guess according what we are observing since the new president is in charge.

What to say…


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