Taiwan: The Bottle Is Half Full or Half Empty?

There was an election yesterday in Da-An district (Taipei – TAIWAN) in the wake of former KMT legislator Diane Lee’s resignation in January over a dual-citizenship controversy (According facts mentioned in newspapers, she hold a dual citizenship – American/Taiwanese, which is illegal and she got taxpayers money during 14 years).

We could think that voters will start to react, following:

  • * Incredible promises from the actual President during his campaign
  • * The way the party of Diane Lee reacted, leading people to believe that it was protecting her
  • * The story about Kuo (see my previous posts) and his unbelievable words about Taiwan and Taiwanese (he was still representing Taiwan administration in Canada)
  • * The fact that he was fired not because his writings, but because his behavior when he faced his superiors
  • * The fact that it took half month for the president, to condemn Kuo’s behavior (maybe the election pushed the president to finally say something?)
  • * The speech of the president lauding the “Taiwanese miracle” before referring to Taiwanese as “descendants of the Yen and Yellow emperors”… Oh yes?
  • * Just name it…

In fact, the result is (CNA):


Chiang garnered 46,065 ballots or 48.91 percent of the vote, against Chou’s 36,465, or 38.72 percent of the total, among the 94,186 valid votes cast, representing a turnout rate of 39.12 percent


KMT got more than 26% compared to the DPP ballots…

DPP could still say that it obtained more than what it got in previous elections in that district.

But the reality is crystal clear…

And Taiwanese still believe that Taiwan will remain Taiwan?

NO. Or maybe (?)

And Taiwanese can learn?

NO. Or maybe (?)

I remember what a former French President, Charles De Gaule, said about French:

” Les Français sont des veaux”

What would he say here?

Anyway, give bread and games and people will be happy, right?

So, the bottle is half full because DPP got more than in the past or the bottle is half empty because KMT still won elections?

What do you think?


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3 Responses

  1. what do i think?
    chinese are coming…

  2. Run, Jo?
    But how to do that with a half-empty bottle in my hands?
    Not easy…

  3. haha, you have to let go of the half-empty bottle in your hand first, of course
    no pain, no gain

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