Taiwan and the Tibet + Mongolia Question

After I finished my work (I mean today), I called it a day.

9pm something… It’s my right, especially I finished yesterday about midnight something – not having a diner yet 🙂 )

So, time to read some news, get relax with a drink before my diner… You get the picture 😉

Concerning the local news (Taiwanese), I got the same usual stuff, including the stories about the eventual Dalai Lama’s visit. Frankly speaking, I was not very concentrated…

And then I switched to some economic websites before planning to read what my other favorite fellows bloggers posted today.

By the way, I should create a blogroll…

… Hummmm… I will! 🙂

But then, I don’t know why, I was thinking about what I just read, concerning the Dalai Lama…

And then I realized why…

I remembered having read that The Mongolian and Tibetan Affairs Commission Minister in Taiwan (no memory for the name) said today that is was not convenient to allow him ( the Dalai Lama, come on! Show some concentration! 🙂 ) to visit Taiwan.

Roughly, he said: “how other countries will react if we invited him?

I am not sure about the exact sentence and the source ( I am too lazy now to check it. Eh, I told you, it’s my relax time 😉 ). But I am sure about the meaning of the sentence I read.

I supposed that what bothered me is that he was not supposed to say “other countries”, but “the country”…

You don’t know which one? Think about the country situated at the opposite side of the strait, from a Taiwan point of view… 😉

Because I don’t think so that Israel or South Africa will give a shit about that, right?

But in fact, it was not the real point.

I am so stupid!

How come I never woke up about one fact in Taiwan.

There is a Mongolian and Tibetan Affairs Commission Minister in Taiwan!

Can you believe it?

Why does Taiwan need to have this kind of “Ministry”?

Does Mongolia or Tibet belong to Taiwan?

I don’t think so… Oh… wait… Yes, the only one China principle…


I do hope that the Dalai Lama never talked to this Minister…

I have nothing against this Minister, but I don’t get the point about Taiwan having this kind of ministry…

And Taiwan wants to become independent?

Oh… The actual Taiwanese president said a while ago, that there is only one country according the constitution (both side the strait).

So, just give up and become one region of China or… Change the Constitution…

Is that so complicate?

Or you prefer to go slowly… Not shocking people… And then one morning, people will realize that there is no more “a Taiwan concept”…

It will be too late… For Taiwanese to wake up…


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5 Responses

  1. Just stopping by to say hello.
    Hope you’re having a great weekend

  2. now you mentioned it… it is rather interesting
    so this Tibet + Mongolia ministry… which side are they with???
    hmm… and why are the tax payers in Taiwan paying these people???
    what exactly do they do???
    very good questions indeed!

  3. Thanks Friendz, You too 🙂

    Jo, you got a point too about the money spent to maintain this Ministry 😉

  4. speaking of spending taxpayers’ money
    did you see this news?
    this Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission gets good portion of money from the taxpayers… for what?
    100 years ago, Sun, Yat San asked those overseas chinese for money to get rid of the Ching Dynasty…
    100 years ago… and we are still paying for that… big money
    (e.g. every year, them overseas chinese get paid for their airfare to come to taiwan for the national day… )
    people really should think twice when they ask something from others…
    what taiwanese has done… to deserve all these goodies…

  5. Yes Jo, I read the news (but from different sources – thank you for the link).
    I did not think too much about this administration…
    So not so much opinion about it…yet.
    Maybe it should be renamed:
    Overseas Taiwan Compatriots Affairs Ministry.
    Why not?
    Could be useful…

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