Taiwan and the GIO: Again and Worst

UPDATES (2) at the end of this post – March 24

(Original post March 23)

On today CNA website (Central News Agency in Taiwan) we could read:

The (Taiwan) Government Information Office (GIO) decided to suspend an official from his post in Toronto


The article concerns of course Kuo Kuan-ying (see my previous posts) but his name appears only at the second paragraph of the article… (no comment – I suppose that if a DPP member was suspended, his name would be in the title… See the actual legal cases here…)

M. Kuo (finally) confessed during an interview in Toronto that he is the author of the articles many are mentioning (racist remarks against Taiwan and Taiwanese, calling China to use force against local Taiwanese etc…). – …but he didn’t confess it when he was in Taiwan, few days ago…

More on this article:


(Kuo was) making controversial remarks in interviews with Taiwan journalists posted in Canada


From CNA article: Kuo Guan-ying defends his freedom of speech on Cti TV


I just have some comments…

  1. Kuo is not fired, but suspended… (???!!!)
  2. Kuo is not suspended because his incredible articles about Taiwan and Taiwanese
  3. Kuo is not suspended because he wrote (according the news) those articles during his working time
  4. Government Information Office still mentions according CNA, the freedom of speech for Kuo
  5. Kuo, by using the “freedom of speech” confirm his views expressed in his articles
  6. Kuo is suspended because the interviews…
  7. Kuo is a KMT member

And still, no official comments from the President…

Bravo!!! Applause

Beside, I mentioned in my previous post that Kuo (according the news) would maybe seek political asylum in Canada…

I am really speechless…

Totally incredible!

But why am I not surprised?

Are you?


UPDATE (March 24)

I got the news this morning from Taiwan News and Echo Taiwan:

Finally, the Government Information Office (GIO) fired Kuo.


As protests against Kuo and against the GIO’s handling of the case failed to let up, the government body held a second meeting during the afternoon and announced Kuo was receiving two major demerits, equivalent to his dismissal.


So, if I have well understood, his superiors fired him from his official position in Toronto.

… But he is still a civil servant (?)

…So he will still receive his paycheck from the “Taiwanese Redneck” tax payers (?)

Beside, the GIO Minister Su Chun-pin (CNA News) “…urged local politicians not to use the incident to make political hay…”

That is too funny when we know how the pan-blue camp (the political party of Kuo) is using every possible thing against the DPP…


I got answers to my questions concerning Kuo: will he keep his civil servant status or not.

The today edition of Taipei Times confirmed “The Government Information Office Evaluation and Discipline Committee said Kuo would lose his his civil servant status. That decision will cost him his pension […]

But the part concerning the pension must be confirmed by Civil Service Protection and Training Commission.

Anyway, this Kuo is really too much. He said:


“You can’t investigate an author who writes under a pen name. You could if we were still under martial law. But not in a democracy. Therefore, there was no need for me to tell [the GIO] that I was Fan Lan-chin. If I had done so, I would have damaged democracy and freedom of speech,”


The “superior mainlander” enjoying democracy and freedom of speech in Taiwan but in the mean time, glorifying China…

Really too much 🙂

But again, “…Kuo, however, was not disciplined for his remarks, but for his misconduct….”

Yes, it seems crystal clear that the problem for the GIO is Kuo’s behavior and not his incredible remarks…

Not only we have no comments from the President (can you believe that? In such a situation?) but the Presidential Office Spokesman Wang Yu-chi said:


Kuo’s articles were published between 2005 and 2007 when the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) was in power.
The controversy over his remarks was due to the “provocation of some politicians,”


Does it mean that all the mess is the responsibility of the opposition party?

Am I dreaming?

But I think I misunderstood.



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11 Responses

  1. Kuo was fired.

    GIO had a press conference to announce that he is suspended. And when they went back to their office they saw Kuo’s interview admitting that he is Fan Lan-ching. Kuo also said that it’s his right to lie (that he is not) when dealing with enemy.

    GIO officers then went straight to have a second press conference to announce that Kuo is fired.

    But GIO blame that opposition party “provokes racial tension” and “polarize the society.”

    That by digging out a racist ? Amazing !

  2. Thank you Echo.
    Yes, I just got the news this morning.
    I will update my post.
    …but he was fired from his position in Toronto only (?)

  3. I don’t know Kuo has any other position.

  4. i am impressed
    how calm they are when dealing with such a huge crisis (as far as i am concerned, it’s huge)
    you have to admit it
    DPP wouldn’t be so calm when facing a situation like this
    like the Chinese say, “make big issues small and small issue none”
    they ARE good

  5. Echo, if I am right, a civil servant is still on the payroll even after been dismissed from one position…
    He could be transferred somewhere else…
    Maybe we will get more news later, except if the story is buried as others were before…
    Any news from the former legislator Diane Lee?

  6. Jo, they are calm because whatever, after few days, few weeks or months, will people remember?
    Beside, the legal case(s) concerning the former president and his wife will be largely used to cover these “KMT stuff” and the poor performance of Ma and his cabinet…

  7. i am so sick of these “superior mainlanders”
    can they just go back to their mainland and leave we taiwanese alone, please!

  8. What I know is that GIO is calculating how much March salary that Kuo took should be returned, based on how many days Kuo served in March. The day when Kuo received the formal dismiss document will be the day when he is denied the salary.

    I don’t know about the recent progress of Diane Lee’s case. They hide it very well. Remember Diane Lee is the daughter of KMT’s elite, but Kuo doesn’t have that much background.

  9. Thanks Echo for the details. Let’s see if Kuo will remain a civil servant with the minimum salary or not…
    Maybe Kuo has not the same family background than Diane Lee, but I read somewhere that he is very close to Ma, which could explain his silence…
    Beside, how many “Kuo’s” are still in charge of something in Taiwan? (cabinet, legislative yuan…)

  10. To my knowledge, many deep-blue supporters will not hesitate a bit to agree with Kuo’s insulting statements.

    When I started participating online political discussions, I spent about 2 full years on pro-blue forums to debate with them, so I can imagine that Kuo’s anti-Taiwan statements could be very welcome in their circles.

    That could explain why Kuo suddenly comes out to admit he’s Fan Lan-ching. He must have calculated the gain vs. loss, and found that he will gain more if he admits — even if he is not really the one.

  11. That makes sense Echo…
    Especially since officials in charge now have a more openly pro-china stance than few months ago…

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