Taiwan and the GIO’s Game

I posted almost 10 days ago about the civil servant (M. Kuo) working for the Taiwan Government Information Office in Toronto, who allegedly made racist remarks against Taiwan and Taiwanese.

Since the news came out, what was done by the Cabinet?

Not so much.

That remind me the case of a legislator who illegally enjoyed the tax payers money during 14 years…

One could have the feeling that the pan-blue camp and the government are protecting in some ways those people (by the way, I do not remember that the president said anything…).

But beside this aspect of the situation, the lack of action and decision is creating a big turmoil and unrest.

The today’s Taipei Times mentioned about the mess which is happening now in Toronto…

If people in charge made the right decision, it would never happen.

Today’s Taipei Times Editorial Cartoon

And still from the same source, a different article mentions:


On Tuesday, Kuo suddenly left Taiwan after being referred to the Commission on the Disciplinary Sanctions of Functionaries of the Judicial Yuan for investigation. Premier Liu Chao-shiuan (劉兆玄) was not even aware that Kuo had left Taiwan…


Even the Prime Minister did not know?

Is it a joke?

And maybe next move from them will be to give “governance lessons”…

Moreover, I mentioned in my previous post that M. Kuo is maybe not willing to come back to Taiwan as requested by his superior and even according the journalist, is eventually seeking political asylum in Canada…

This “world” is upside down…

Even Kafka could not imagine such a situation…



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3 Responses

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  2. i’d like to see more of these “superior mainlanders”
    in fact, that’s their true face underneath the “i-taiwan” (love taiwan) mask
    Kafka … good one
    does give me the picture

  3. Yes Jo, Kafka should be born in Taiwan 😉

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