The dog Ate the Homework

Important: my students have no right to read this post… Shame on you

You are late for your last report?

Too busy with your Internet games?

Now, people cannot anymore say that their canine companion ate the document…

Come on! It’s the information technology age!

So what to do?

You feel depressed because you can’t provide the file on time.

Don’t worry, here is your savior: The File Destructor.

File Destructor is the electronic equivalent to the hungry dog.

Rather than eating your printed document, this tool eats the electronic file itself.

Actually what happens when you visit their site is that they will create a broken file for you.

Enter a filename (use your imagination about the title… it’s supposed to be the title of the document “eaten by your dog” 😉 ), a size, and choose a file extension (they offer almost any possible extension), and click the button.

They will create a file which from the outside looks like a legitimate file, but contains nothing but gibberish inside.


Did I mentioned it’s free?

Uh Oh…

I should not blog this post.

Oh no! My dog just ate my “Delete” key…

Oh go on


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