Taiwan: You Cannot Escape, Puny Humans…

Two days ago, I posted (HERE) about the lawmakers project which, if approved, will authorize any elected man to look around private data without the knowledge of the person(s) concerned.

In today Taipei Times, I found their cartoon quite, uh… how to say… very “informative”…

Much more than any words 😉

I do believe that all of you remember that in a democratic country, we have the separation of powers: legislative, executive and judicial.

Think about that…


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4 Responses

  1. take a guess:
    what is the real function of a legislator?

    make up stories out of no where
    with or without the bill, they do exactly the same thing
    Chiu Yi can always find a copy of someone’s passport, bank account detail, etc. (without that person’s acknowledge I am sure)
    any trouble for him? i don’t see that
    and say if he is so busy at collecting information, when will he ever have time to do the job as a legislator?
    if he is not doing it, who is doing it for him???

    What a joke!!!
    A legislator is actually playing Sherlock Holmes game!
    when is the man ever gonna grow up????
    some just never, i guess

  2. nice post…..
    have a nice day

  3. Obviously Jo, They believe they own all (justice…) and they do believe they are here for a very long time… Maybe they know something we don’t…

  4. Thank you Friendz 🙂

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