China: Do Not Expect Democracy, It Is Confirmed

Yes, it’s confirmed…

Do we need to be surprised? Of course not. It is not the first time and it won’t be the last time.

The big boss of the National People’s Congress (China) Wu Bangguo confirmed (see HERE) that China will never embrace democracy.

Beside, still according him, don’t expect what we call the separation of powers (legislative, executive and judicial).

So no wonder that last week, officials from Sichuan (remember the devastating earthquake) announced that if all the schools collapsed while others (quite close but for “richer” kids) didn’t, it is all because the power of the earthquake.

Nothing to do with the quality of the construction… So all officials and companies involved in those constructions are totally innocent… That is the conclusion of the investigation.

People who lost their only one kid (yes…, remember the Chinese policy) who tried since this awful event to complain, are put to jail or forced to shut up.

Of course, it is just a coincidence if all the bad constructions collapsed when others, reserved for more “lucky people”, still stand up…

And still according to Wu Bangguo, the Court, prosecutors and judges are supposed to follow the policies of the communist party.

Still, some countries are willing to be the best friend of China.

See Sudan (HERE): its president is indicted by the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) for war crimes. So he is putting out all the NGO, and during the ceremony… he signed a contract with a Chinese company.

That is the country the Taiwanese government is willing to unify with… At least it is what we guess according what we are observing since the new president is in charge.

What to say…


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2 Responses

  1. i had such a discussion with a friend before the previous presidential election.
    and this is how she woke me up:
    “Says who we need democracy? Look at Singapore. They are doing good and they don’t need democracy. We Chinese don’t do democracy!”

    ok, i made up the last sentence, but she did say something like that.
    And guess who she supported?

    Chinese is the GREATEST people! We know how to manage ourselves. We don’t need others to tell us what to do…

    wonder how long the “democracy” in Taiwan will survive…
    Taiwan Jia Yo!!!

  2. Your friend is not alone Jo: I do remember members from the actual cabinet (I think the president too, but not sure) praising about the system in Singapore.
    About the democracy, to let it survive it should be alive at the first place. And all recent events are casting doubts about it.

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