Taiwan: Everyday, More and More

Despite objections from the Ministry of the Interior (MOI), the Legislative Yuan (congress)’s Internal Administration Committee yesterday passed an amendment to the Nationality Act banning anyone with permanent residency in a foreign country from holding public office (see HERE).

For me, it sounds good and I was happy with that (I mean I found it logical in a normal country) until… I read the last sentence of the article:


In response to reporters’ questions about the amendment, the Presidential Office yesterday said that President Ma Ying-jeou’s (馬英九) US citizenship was no longer an issue because he has provided evidence to prove that his green card was no longer valid.

I do remember that he denied but I do not remember he provided evidence. Do you?

Anyway, it is a small drop in the ocean of bitter facts. Just read…

I was amazed with the today’s news (HERE):


(A clause will) allow elected representatives to gather personal information for investigation without the knowledge of the person concerned…


To be more precise, the blue side is trying to put this amendment in a new law…

Can you believe that?

Why? It is normally the job and attribution of appointed investigators (prosecutors…)

Why do we need to allow legislators or any other elected people to do this?

Oh… I forgot… All the “congress” is blue… Guess what “one” could do…

Wait, not finished yet about today’s news…

Public servants MUST pass an examination on the Chinese constitution… See the  source in Chinese HERE, from Echo Taiwan,

Why? According the Minister, few people know about the laws in China and because Cross-Strait situation is improving, it became a need.

So why not put on the exam, the French constitution? Or the American’s one? And what’s about Japan? Oh, Taiwan does not plan to develop relationships with USA? With France? With Japan? What’s about other countries?

I guess you got the answer already.

So of course, stories about the thesis of the President or his Green Card are nothing with the day to day events, such the last two I just mentioned.

I am not aware that people feel very concerned…

Do you know the 3 monkeys’ shape?

Maybe it’s the reason…

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China: Do Not Expect Democracy, It Is Confirmed

Yes, it’s confirmed…

Do we need to be surprised? Of course not. It is not the first time and it won’t be the last time.

The big boss of the National People’s Congress (China) Wu Bangguo confirmed (see HERE) that China will never embrace democracy.

Beside, still according him, don’t expect what we call the separation of powers (legislative, executive and judicial).

So no wonder that last week, officials from Sichuan (remember the devastating earthquake) announced that if all the schools collapsed while others (quite close but for “richer” kids) didn’t, it is all because the power of the earthquake.

Nothing to do with the quality of the construction… So all officials and companies involved in those constructions are totally innocent… That is the conclusion of the investigation.

People who lost their only one kid (yes…, remember the Chinese policy) who tried since this awful event to complain, are put to jail or forced to shut up.

Of course, it is just a coincidence if all the bad constructions collapsed when others, reserved for more “lucky people”, still stand up…

And still according to Wu Bangguo, the Court, prosecutors and judges are supposed to follow the policies of the communist party.

Still, some countries are willing to be the best friend of China.

See Sudan (HERE): its president is indicted by the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) for war crimes. So he is putting out all the NGO, and during the ceremony… he signed a contract with a Chinese company.

That is the country the Taiwanese government is willing to unify with… At least it is what we guess according what we are observing since the new president is in charge.

What to say…


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