Taiwan: Traffic Fines Makes People (Some) Happier

According the today Taipei Times:

…The number of traffic tickets issued by the city’s Parking Management and Development Office and the Taipei City Police Department last year increased to 3.9 million from 2.3 million in 2007, with total fines reaching NT$3.6 billion (US$103 million)…

That is not a small amount… And beside, it means more than 70% increase in one year…

But here, we have more:

…Of the NT$426 million in parking ticket fines the office received last year, more than NT$10 million went to office staff. About NT$3.2 million of the NT$137 million in fines the police department collected went to police officers, the statistics showed…

That is indeed a big amount of money but what went to the office staff represents less than 3%, so for me, it is not a so big deal…

But still, why all office staff must get one part, from the top chief to the janitor?

In the same article, I found something interesting (if we can use this expression…).

We all know that police officers receive a bonus, according the fines (not only in Taiwan, in other countries it is the same), and that is maybe a way to be sure that traffic regulations are respected.

But the newspaper mentioned about one policeman located in one district of Taipei city (read the article for more details) who issued more than 24,000 traffic tickets last year!!!

24,000 traffic tickets in one year! Can you believe that?

If you consider that roughly he is working 5 days per week, said 250 days per year, that represents 96 tickets per day, in just one district (I know this area, I used to live there before and I don’t remember it was a mess)…

So in case he is working 8 hours per day, it means 12 tickets per hour

Words are failing me…

Obviously, he is only chasing traffic violators…

People who live in Taiwan will think it is very funny, because we all know that driving habits here are a mess and policemen often do nothing when there are traffic violations under their nose…

For sure, it is easier to fine parking stuffs…

Beside, people will maybe feel more secured if the police fought more against criminals…


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5 Responses

  1. yeah i should feel much safer walking/riding my bicycle on the street in Taipei now…
    or not…

  2. @ Jo
    Are you sure?
    You do feel safer when you are riding your bike? Or walking?
    Safe from what?
    In case no car bump you, anyway, this “policemen” will find a reason to fine you…
    Do you have any evidence you brushed your teeth?
    How come you dare to ride your bike before you brush your teeth?
    Uh Oh…

  3. fvarga,
    read my lines carefully…

    “or not”

  4. @ Jo
    Ooops 🙂
    Don’t fine me 😆

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