Taiwan: Buddhism Joining Politics?

I got the news concerning the World Buddhist Forum about 2 days ago.

Words are failing me…

I waited a while, to avoid to write something too… Arrgghh!

Several Taiwanese Buddhist monks are working now with the CCP, with China… mixing their practice with Chinese politics…

And now, according the master of Fo Guang Shan, there are no Taiwanese in Taiwan (even after the recent DNA study?).


Picture from today’s Taipei Times

“We are all Chinese”…

How come he could say that?

How come he could be part of this Chinese political game?

Sure, he is a Master but first at all, a man. A man who came from China.

A man who accepted to participate to a Chinese forum which rejected the coming of the Dalai Lama.

A man who accept the Chinese game, a game from a country which decides by law how Religion is supposed to work…

A man who plays with a country where the masters of temples are named by the Party…

A man who accepted the two-legs forum (China and Taiwan) to let the people feel about unification…

A man who said that in China and Taiwan, all are brothers and sisters.

…With China spying, with China and its missiles on Taiwan…

A man who gave weight to Chinese policies…

I do not understand.

I did not know Buddhism was mixed with politics…

But maybe I am wrong.

Maybe I am wrong since more than 15 years… Since I became Buddhist, studying Tibetan and Chan Schools.

But no all Buddhist are playing this game.

But no all Taiwanese Masters are playing the China’s game.

But as I suppose, many like me, do not mix up Buddhism and politics.

If some want to play like that, that will be their business…

Still, I feel very shocked.

As I wrote above, words are failing me…





Taiwan and the ECFA: New Predictions

You know how much economic predictions from the president or the cabinet are valuable:

  • * 6% growth rate for the GDP
  • * Unemployment reduced to 3%
  • * 3,000 Chinese tourists per day, saving the Taiwanese economy
  • * The TAIEX (stock market index) above 10,000 and even reaching 20,000
  • * Consumer vouchers increasing the GDP by at least 0.6%

After several months, we can see the results…

Anyway, there is a new prediction, which this time concerns the ECFA (Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement between China and Taiwan).

The today’s Taipei Times and China Post quoted the minister of economic affairs:


if an economic cooperation framework agreement (ECFA) is signed between Taiwan and China,the gross domestic product will increase by 1.374 percent in 2010. Without the ECFA, (minister) warned, the economy will shrink (GDP will shrink by at least one percent).


A large part of the population, businessmen and academics worry about this agreement.

So as usual, the cabinet is trying to scare the people: if we don’t sign, it will be like hell!

But you know what is funny?

NOBODY knows anything about the content of this ECFA.

It has been kept secret…

Moreover, the funny stuff is that officials said that nothing is really totally done and negotiated about this ECFA.

So, here is my question:

How did the minister could obtain a so precise estimation?

1.374% (!)

Not something about 1% or between 1 and 2 %.




I am impressed!



Taiwan: The Bottle Is Half Full or Half Empty?

There was an election yesterday in Da-An district (Taipei – TAIWAN) in the wake of former KMT legislator Diane Lee’s resignation in January over a dual-citizenship controversy (According facts mentioned in newspapers, she hold a dual citizenship – American/Taiwanese, which is illegal and she got taxpayers money during 14 years).

We could think that voters will start to react, following:

  • * Incredible promises from the actual President during his campaign
  • * The way the party of Diane Lee reacted, leading people to believe that it was protecting her
  • * The story about Kuo (see my previous posts) and his unbelievable words about Taiwan and Taiwanese (he was still representing Taiwan administration in Canada)
  • * The fact that he was fired not because his writings, but because his behavior when he faced his superiors
  • * The fact that it took half month for the president, to condemn Kuo’s behavior (maybe the election pushed the president to finally say something?)
  • * The speech of the president lauding the “Taiwanese miracle” before referring to Taiwanese as “descendants of the Yen and Yellow emperors”… Oh yes?
  • * Just name it…

In fact, the result is (CNA):


Chiang garnered 46,065 ballots or 48.91 percent of the vote, against Chou’s 36,465, or 38.72 percent of the total, among the 94,186 valid votes cast, representing a turnout rate of 39.12 percent


KMT got more than 26% compared to the DPP ballots…

DPP could still say that it obtained more than what it got in previous elections in that district.

But the reality is crystal clear…

And Taiwanese still believe that Taiwan will remain Taiwan?

NO. Or maybe (?)

And Taiwanese can learn?

NO. Or maybe (?)

I remember what a former French President, Charles De Gaule, said about French:

” Les Français sont des veaux”

What would he say here?

Anyway, give bread and games and people will be happy, right?

So, the bottle is half full because DPP got more than in the past or the bottle is half empty because KMT still won elections?

What do you think?


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Taiwan and the Tibet + Mongolia Question

After I finished my work (I mean today), I called it a day.

9pm something… It’s my right, especially I finished yesterday about midnight something – not having a diner yet 🙂 )

So, time to read some news, get relax with a drink before my diner… You get the picture 😉

Concerning the local news (Taiwanese), I got the same usual stuff, including the stories about the eventual Dalai Lama’s visit. Frankly speaking, I was not very concentrated…

And then I switched to some economic websites before planning to read what my other favorite fellows bloggers posted today.

By the way, I should create a blogroll…

… Hummmm… I will! 🙂

But then, I don’t know why, I was thinking about what I just read, concerning the Dalai Lama…

And then I realized why…

I remembered having read that The Mongolian and Tibetan Affairs Commission Minister in Taiwan (no memory for the name) said today that is was not convenient to allow him ( the Dalai Lama, come on! Show some concentration! 🙂 ) to visit Taiwan.

Roughly, he said: “how other countries will react if we invited him?

I am not sure about the exact sentence and the source ( I am too lazy now to check it. Eh, I told you, it’s my relax time 😉 ). But I am sure about the meaning of the sentence I read.

I supposed that what bothered me is that he was not supposed to say “other countries”, but “the country”…

You don’t know which one? Think about the country situated at the opposite side of the strait, from a Taiwan point of view… 😉

Because I don’t think so that Israel or South Africa will give a shit about that, right?

But in fact, it was not the real point.

I am so stupid!

How come I never woke up about one fact in Taiwan.

There is a Mongolian and Tibetan Affairs Commission Minister in Taiwan!

Can you believe it?

Why does Taiwan need to have this kind of “Ministry”?

Does Mongolia or Tibet belong to Taiwan?

I don’t think so… Oh… wait… Yes, the only one China principle…


I do hope that the Dalai Lama never talked to this Minister…

I have nothing against this Minister, but I don’t get the point about Taiwan having this kind of ministry…

And Taiwan wants to become independent?

Oh… The actual Taiwanese president said a while ago, that there is only one country according the constitution (both side the strait).

So, just give up and become one region of China or… Change the Constitution…

Is that so complicate?

Or you prefer to go slowly… Not shocking people… And then one morning, people will realize that there is no more “a Taiwan concept”…

It will be too late… For Taiwanese to wake up…


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Taiwan and the GIO: Again and Worst

UPDATES (2) at the end of this post – March 24

(Original post March 23)

On today CNA website (Central News Agency in Taiwan) we could read:

The (Taiwan) Government Information Office (GIO) decided to suspend an official from his post in Toronto


The article concerns of course Kuo Kuan-ying (see my previous posts) but his name appears only at the second paragraph of the article… (no comment – I suppose that if a DPP member was suspended, his name would be in the title… See the actual legal cases here…)

M. Kuo (finally) confessed during an interview in Toronto that he is the author of the articles many are mentioning (racist remarks against Taiwan and Taiwanese, calling China to use force against local Taiwanese etc…). – …but he didn’t confess it when he was in Taiwan, few days ago…

More on this article:


(Kuo was) making controversial remarks in interviews with Taiwan journalists posted in Canada


From CNA article: Kuo Guan-ying defends his freedom of speech on Cti TV


I just have some comments…

  1. Kuo is not fired, but suspended… (???!!!)
  2. Kuo is not suspended because his incredible articles about Taiwan and Taiwanese
  3. Kuo is not suspended because he wrote (according the news) those articles during his working time
  4. Government Information Office still mentions according CNA, the freedom of speech for Kuo
  5. Kuo, by using the “freedom of speech” confirm his views expressed in his articles
  6. Kuo is suspended because the interviews…
  7. Kuo is a KMT member

And still, no official comments from the President…

Bravo!!! Applause

Beside, I mentioned in my previous post that Kuo (according the news) would maybe seek political asylum in Canada…

I am really speechless…

Totally incredible!

But why am I not surprised?

Are you?


UPDATE (March 24)

I got the news this morning from Taiwan News and Echo Taiwan:

Finally, the Government Information Office (GIO) fired Kuo.


As protests against Kuo and against the GIO’s handling of the case failed to let up, the government body held a second meeting during the afternoon and announced Kuo was receiving two major demerits, equivalent to his dismissal.


So, if I have well understood, his superiors fired him from his official position in Toronto.

… But he is still a civil servant (?)

…So he will still receive his paycheck from the “Taiwanese Redneck” tax payers (?)

Beside, the GIO Minister Su Chun-pin (CNA News) “…urged local politicians not to use the incident to make political hay…”

That is too funny when we know how the pan-blue camp (the political party of Kuo) is using every possible thing against the DPP…


I got answers to my questions concerning Kuo: will he keep his civil servant status or not.

The today edition of Taipei Times confirmed “The Government Information Office Evaluation and Discipline Committee said Kuo would lose his his civil servant status. That decision will cost him his pension […]

But the part concerning the pension must be confirmed by Civil Service Protection and Training Commission.

Anyway, this Kuo is really too much. He said:


“You can’t investigate an author who writes under a pen name. You could if we were still under martial law. But not in a democracy. Therefore, there was no need for me to tell [the GIO] that I was Fan Lan-chin. If I had done so, I would have damaged democracy and freedom of speech,”


The “superior mainlander” enjoying democracy and freedom of speech in Taiwan but in the mean time, glorifying China…

Really too much 🙂

But again, “…Kuo, however, was not disciplined for his remarks, but for his misconduct….”

Yes, it seems crystal clear that the problem for the GIO is Kuo’s behavior and not his incredible remarks…

Not only we have no comments from the President (can you believe that? In such a situation?) but the Presidential Office Spokesman Wang Yu-chi said:


Kuo’s articles were published between 2005 and 2007 when the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) was in power.
The controversy over his remarks was due to the “provocation of some politicians,”


Does it mean that all the mess is the responsibility of the opposition party?

Am I dreaming?

But I think I misunderstood.



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Taiwan and the GIO’s Game

I posted almost 10 days ago about the civil servant (M. Kuo) working for the Taiwan Government Information Office in Toronto, who allegedly made racist remarks against Taiwan and Taiwanese.

Since the news came out, what was done by the Cabinet?

Not so much.

That remind me the case of a legislator who illegally enjoyed the tax payers money during 14 years…

One could have the feeling that the pan-blue camp and the government are protecting in some ways those people (by the way, I do not remember that the president said anything…).

But beside this aspect of the situation, the lack of action and decision is creating a big turmoil and unrest.

The today’s Taipei Times mentioned about the mess which is happening now in Toronto…

If people in charge made the right decision, it would never happen.

Today’s Taipei Times Editorial Cartoon

And still from the same source, a different article mentions:


On Tuesday, Kuo suddenly left Taiwan after being referred to the Commission on the Disciplinary Sanctions of Functionaries of the Judicial Yuan for investigation. Premier Liu Chao-shiuan (劉兆玄) was not even aware that Kuo had left Taiwan…


Even the Prime Minister did not know?

Is it a joke?

And maybe next move from them will be to give “governance lessons”…

Moreover, I mentioned in my previous post that M. Kuo is maybe not willing to come back to Taiwan as requested by his superior and even according the journalist, is eventually seeking political asylum in Canada…

This “world” is upside down…

Even Kafka could not imagine such a situation…



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Taiwan: Keep Talking…

(More fun at the end of the post…)

I posted last month HERE and HERE about (the future (?) economic agreement between China and Taiwan) CECA, FTA, COCA, CACAO… Arrrrggghhhh whatever the name the Region Administrator is choosing. Anyway, name is changing so often…

Even the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly (same political color as the “Administrator”) said that it should be better if before any agreement with China, legislators could review the project…

As anyone could expect, we read today that  the “administrator” (because he is so nice) is willing to “listen” (are you happy now?), but whatever you’ll say, the agreement will be signed…

No room for evaluation… No ears for economist voices saying that this agreement will not bring anything good for Taiwan… So, get lost…

He still wants to achieve the stage of a “public consensus”. But how if the agreement is already signed? Consensus on what?

Consensus on the fact that people may disagree?


“We welcome all those who feel they have something to lose from an ECFA to speak up and voice their concerns. The government will examine the situation and include any items that may cause problems later,” Ma told reporters at the Presidential Office.

“We will continue to communicate with the public on the ECFA issue, but we won’t [abandon] the agreement because the opposition parties are against it,” Ma said.

… When asked to comment on Tsai’s call for a debate on the issue, Ma said a debate was not necessary.



One of Taipei Times editorial cartoon


“[Chinese President] Hu Jintao (胡錦濤) stipulated that China and Taiwan should scrupulously abide by the so-called ‘one China’ principle. Signing an ECFA with China would imply acceptance of that principle,”


And still, the President (Region administrator?) and the Premier keep repeat that “…The talks will not touch upon sovereignty-related issues.”…

In one hand, they want to sign saying that has nothing to do with politics, in other hand, China said OK but under the “one China” principle…

And we are supposed to believe what the “Region Administration” is saying?

Signature is only possible if China agrees… Not if Taiwan wants to…

So what is the point?

Maybe we know it too much already…

Usually in democratic countries, agreements with other countries must be approved by the legislators.

Here, not. So… Does it means we are not talking about 2 different countries?

Just one country across the strait?

By the way, still according Taipei Times, the civil servant Kuo Kuan-ying (郭冠英), the Toronto-based official who insulted Taiwan and the Taiwanese but still agreeing to receive the Taiwanese tax payers money for his salary, and after being under investigation, is maybe  seeking political asylum in Canada in view to not return to Taiwan…

Can you believe that?

BUT, he is not seeking asylum in China even though he also wrote that he is a “superior mainlander (Chinese)”…