Taiwan: Too Much?

The son of the former president decided to move, with his family, from Taipei city to Kaohsiung city, maybe to start a new life, far away from the capital and the legal case involving his parents.

Anyway, it should not be our business, right?

Obviously, the local KMT does not like it:

PHOTO: CNA in today’s Taipei Times

Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Kaohsiung City Councilor Wang Ling-chiao collects signatures at her office yesterday for a petition against former president Chen Shui-bian’s son, Chen Chih-chung, moving to Kaohsiung.

Don’t you think that is too much?

What do they want?

The real trial against his father did not even start yet…

By the way, why does this councilor wear gloves? Papers are too dirty?


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3 Responses

  1. I haven’t read the news for a long time and the minute I read this post made me angry and sad…and frankly speaking, shocked.
    I’ve seen Taiwan moving toward a democratic country from the white-terror age I read from history books. But lately I felt like reliving my parents’ past experiences.
    It’s so sad yet shocking to see how democracy and human rights can be manipulated so easily….sigh…

  2. You are right, Crystalannie.
    It’s shocking and… disturbing…

  3. I live in Taipei. I am a Russian Jewish American who retired from Microsoft and moved to Taipei.

    I have only been here for almost 2 years. I am learning about Taiwan and Taiwanese/Chinese culture and the politics here.

    I am most disgusted by certain KMT behavior.

    – Protesting A-Bian’s son’s move, for whatever reason. Huh? A seeming corrupt judiciary which has instituted questionable trials agains A-Bian and his family.

    – Failing to act during and after Typhoon Morakot. Turning down Japanese and American logistical and equipment aid. Ma blaming the victims and the CWB. The KMT, in the past few years has dismantled much of the Emergency Response elements in the government?

    – The design disaster which is the Neihu-Muzha MRT. Again, the KMT seeks to blame someone else, Bombardier, who is not even the general contractor on the line.

    Smells like corruption and lack of accountability to me.

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