Taiwan: China and the CECA

The new president and his political party are pushing for a Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA) with China.

According the noise, it seems that not all agree with this move.

Can we consider this “project” as a pure economic one?

If my memory doesn’t fail me, the Chinese president in his speech concerning China and Taiwan, said (end of last year):

As long as the ‘one China’ principle is recognized by both sides … we can discuss anything

Maybe I misunderstood, but the CECA is part of “anything”, right?

So, does it means that CECA includes “reunification” for the actual party in charge in Taiwan?

Anyway, no details of the possible project are provided by the president office or the political party in charge except the latter is pushing very hard.

For what?

Just for the sake of a CECA?

Knowing the fact that China will only sign under a “one China” principle?


Are you surprised?

Why am I not?


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6 Responses

  1. Oh..is China looking at Taiwan. These political jingles make the civilians suffer after all. CECA can be another story of such political surprise for all.

  2. @Lasitha Silva
    Of course, China is looking at Taiwan for reunification…
    And some here, too…
    And you are right, population is the one who suffers first…
    As in many countries, there is a gap between the government and the population…

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  4. I’m really happy to learn that there are really some people, at least you, care about this CECA issue. The former president, Lee, he’s officially said that there is no “one China” such kind of thing. Because Mr. Lee was the president in power when some people in Taiwan fabricated this “one China” stuff. But now the president and his party has been trying to make believe this “one China” existing to Taiwan’s people.

    I personally believe that any economy strategy can not be carried out without considering political feasibility at the first place for any country. Therefore, signing CECA with China is apparently the approval of reunification. The worst is the ruling party even doesn’t want to have a referendum to know what Taiwan’s people want CECA or not. Anyway, maybe some social movements may come up soon?

  5. there is no political concern at all when the two parties are in the same country
    way you go, KMT!!!
    you have done it without anyone even noticing it
    and therefore no resistance
    excellent job!

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