Taiwan: China and Its Spies

It is well documented that Chinese espionage is becoming rampant and is a major threat for many countries including of course Taiwan.

How many times have we seen reports about China spying on Taiwan?

Countless Taiwanese have been for example blackmailed to force them revealing any kind of data.

Anyway, that is not new and everybody knows it.

My point is not about that.

A Taiwanese newspaper  reported yesterday (see Taipei Times) that the Ministry of Justice had suggested offering a maximum of TWD15 million (USD430,000) to people who report suspected Chinese spying.

Why not? I am not shocked by that.

But the Ministry denied such an offering…

And do you know what? The funny part is that (according the same newspaper) KMT Legislator Wu Ching-Chih (and maybe much more other KMT legislators) disagreed, saying such a move might harm cross-strait relations.

Can you believe that?

China can do whatever it wants to do, but “let’s do nothing to not displease China”…



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  4. with this where-is-my-money/interest party, you expect nothing
    no sense, no logic, not even to mention ideal
    right now, China is money, and money is mummy

  5. @fvarga he may be new to blogging..if he sends email id..than send a email about this….
    have a nice day

  6. @ JO: Long time no see 🙂
    Money? Maybe right now, but on the long term, they will lose money. More likely, they are looking about power…

  7. Sorry mate forgot to mention my link it is http://pradeep3100.wordpress.com/.

  8. fvarga,
    the where-is-my-money/interest party never sees anything on a long term, do they?
    they live at the present tense
    no future, no past
    and let’s not forget: power means interest means money…
    … money money money, must be funny, in the “blue” world…

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