Taiwan: Political Marketing?

Usually, political campaign ads are quite boring everywhere, including in Taiwan… until I read the today Taipei Times and saw that picture:


Yes, it’s HULK!

“The Democratic Progressive Party’s Lin Shui-shan, who is planning to run for a seat as Taipei County councilor, is portrayed as The Hulk in a campaign ad in Taipei County yesterday.”

Can you believe that?

As you know (or maybe not), this party (DPP) is called the “green party” (nothing to do with ecology).

This candidate could choose something different, such as the “Green Giant” (you now, the vegetable brand…) but no, he chose HULK…

Do I need to add something more?

Let’s show some mercy to this candidate…



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One Response

  1. wow, perhaps that what he really looks like?
    he he


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