Taiwan: A Firm Linked to the President

I think you remember that during the last presidential campaign, the DPP candidate Frank Hsieh’s team accused Ma Ying-jeou (actual president) of lying about his role in his sister’s business relations with Taipei City Municipal Hospital.

In today Taipei Times, we can read that the Minister of Justice (MOJ) has fined this company:

“… The China Chemical & Pharmaceutical Co was fined NT$140 million [US$4.1 million] for violating conflict of interest regulations,” Kuan Kao-yueh (管高岳), director of the Department of Government Employee Ethics, told a press conference…”

I have some comments about it:

  1. At that time, the actual president was the mayor of Taipei. So, why only the company was fined? Why no comments from the MOJ about the City Hall, its officials and… its then boss, the actual president?
  2. At the time, Ma Ying-jeou denied the allegation, saying his sister was not involved in selling medicine to the hospital. The involved company sold about TWD140 million [USD4.1 million] to the city government. So now, what will be the next step concerning the then Taipei administration and mayor? Let me guess: nothing…
  3. But wait, the MOJ said that the act is too strict, and is contemplating an amendment. So does it mean that the MOJ will amend the act for the benefit of the actual president?

Why am I not surprised?


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