Computer and News: Back to the Past, 30 Years Ago

Can you imagine to be back to the past, 30 years ago?

Can you imagine (or remember) how computers looked like?

Long before anyone had heard of the Internet, early home computer users could read their morning newspapers online … sort of…

Have a look on this 1981 broadcast (on KRON San Francisco):

The best quote (for me) is this one (from one member of the team):

“We’re not in it to make money. We’re probably not going to lose a lot, but we aren’t make much either.”

Besides my nostalgia at seeing an old TRS-80, the most amazing thing in this is that (in 1981 dollars even) people were paying $5/hour for a 300 bps connection.

Moreover, it took 2 hours to download the news…

Ahhhhh…. The old times 🙂


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