Taiwan and Ordinary Citizens

Facing so many scandals involving political people, a new group was created today, the Ordinary Citizens of Taiwan.

They are asking the Legislative Yuan to implement immediately a stronger legislation, along the lines of the Fraud Unearthing and Chinese Kick (Updated Significantly) act.

Thank you Quirky 😉

And in view to show his support to the Ordinary Citizens of Taiwan, Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection spokesman Wang Cheng-huei holds up the new hat all the members will wear during their meeting.

Each hat does not show the name of the member, but his seat number.

You can all notice the new color: red. It will bring luck…

Beside, Wang said that members who purchase the new red hat advertised as bringing good luck would not be able to take it back for a refund if they find that their luck does not change.

…or if they incorrectly use the hat…


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4 Responses

  1. any size different?

  2. Of course Debi, there are several available sizes, according the size of your… head 😉

  3. definately a lucky hat!!!
    almost a guaranttee for success.
    all the best with the new party.

  4. Right Jo, they should succeed but the “act” is against them…
    Have a closer look…

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