Taiwan: Prosecutors Had Fun and Minister of Justice Defends It

In the January 14 edition of the International Herald Tribune (HERE), the Taiwanese Minister of Justice defended the skit of the former president, skit performed by prosecutors including some (at least one) in charge of the case.

From the unimaginable feeling, I am switching to the incredible: the Minister of Justice justifying the “prosecutors’ show” and even adding that this show reflects the sentiment of the 23 million people of Taiwan…

And moreover he added:

"Prosecutors and judges will not hold any biases against Chen, and his trial will be open for all to see."

Here is an excerpt (you can read the full article by following the above link):

Taiwanese prosecutors performed a biting skit mocking former President Chen Shui-bian, but the country’s justice minister Wang Ching-feng said Wednesday that it will not prejudice the ex-leader’s upcoming corruption trial…

At least one of the prosecutors appearing in the skit is involved in the investigation of Chen, who has proclaimed his innocence…”

I thought there were some fundamental judicial principles, such as prosecutors cannot comment on a particular case.

They not only did it but they also humiliated the “target”…

I believe that we are not only facing an economic crisis but also a judiciary regression.



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7 Responses

  1. don’t EVER get involved in judiciary system in Taiwan, at any rate
    you know what you will get

  2. You have no idea how much you are right Jo 🙂

  3. me,too!

  4. Welcome to the world, Debi 🙂

  5. it’s once said by the KMT people: “We (KMT) own the courts!” That’s the way it is… when KMT is in power.

  6. Yes Tony, I read it too.
    Very sad…
    But who in Taiwan is remembering it?
    Most already forgot the promises made by Ma during the campaign…
    They just remember for now the vouchers, not realizing that the next generation will have to pay for it…

  7. as a Taiwanese, i really don’t want to admit this, (but i guess it’s probably true), that Taiwanese are very forgetful and, “care for their lives and money only”, as the old Japanese addressed before they left Taiwan after the 2nd world war.
    that’s why Ma’s giving away the vouchers… i’m not surprised at all that he’s going to give some more out later this year– there’s going to be another election too!! and anyway, it’s not from his own pocket!
    i’m really angry with this. as u said, not many people know that we’re going to pay much more back for this NT 3600 vouchers… @@

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