Taiwan: Prosecutors Had Fun

Obviously, it is not very easy to understand prosecutors in Taiwan except of course if you want to put some politics into the judiciary (just remember when a while ago, prosecutors had a press conference at the beginning of the ex-president-case and said that they will resign if they cannot bring the case to its end i.e. condemn him. By the way, he is still in jail and as far as I know, there are still not strong evidence except allegations).

Last Sunday (January 11), was celebrated in the Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office the 63rd Law Day.

So, what did they do to celebrate? They created a show on a stage and as the today’s Taipei Times reported, it was meant to mock Chen, the former president.

Prosecutors played on the stage and the spectators were judges, prosecutors, lawyers…

A member of TaiwanFocus (Yahoo Group), Echo Taiwan uploaded a movie (see his blog and YouTube):

I do not know how did Echo Taiwan obtain the core part of the movie. Here is what he put on You Tube:


I do not about you, but I feel very disturbed by this show…

I remind you that until now, there are no strong evidence against the “target” of the show, target still in jail waiting his “fair” (?) trial.

I do not remember having seen this kind of show abroad…

So it’s how they celebrated the Law Day…

Quite unimaginable…


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  1. scary…

  2. Right Jo… 😦

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