Taiwan: Nothing will Stop Them

Last month, the Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office asked to the Taipei Bar Association to investigate if the lawyer of the former president (Chen) had infringed the law or not.

On December 5, the Taipei Bar Association stated that the Attorney Act and legal ethics did not preclude a lawyer from talking to the press.

Making reference to legislation in the US and other developed countries, the association said it was the responsibility of the bar association, and not the Ministry of Justice, to determine the extent to which lawyers could talk to outsiders.

The information Cheng (Chen’s lawyer) relayed to the press was unrelated to Chen’s case and did not constitute a violation of the Attorney Act, the bar association said.

But on today’s Taipei Times (HERE), we can read:

…Despite a resolution approved by the Taipei Bar Association last month not to take any disciplinary action against Cheng over his handling of Chen’s case, the Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office on Wednesday decided that Cheng had violated legal ethics and his case has been submitted to a disciplinary committee consisting of three judges, one prosecutor and five lawyers for review…

After the “blue” party put pressure and succeeded to change the Judge in charge of the former president case (thanks to the new judge, Chen is back to jail), prosecutors are putting now pressure on the lawyer…

If they wanted to discourage any lawyer to defend the former president, they will not act differently…

If people remember how the judicial handled the case of Soong and Ma (but do people remember?), can they still believe that politics are not interfering with justice?

It is very sad for the country…


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