Taiwan: EPA Found the Solution

That is a diamond. Judge by yourself (in today Taipei Times):

During last December, gas leaks affected school children and teachers in nearby Chaoliao elementary and middle schools (in the south of Taiwan). Dozens fell ill, suffering from nausea, dizziness and chest pain, and were sent to hospital for emergency treatment.

The Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) yesterday said it suspected that container cleaning factories might be the culprits behind four poisonous gas leaks.

Two factories had been already fined…

Saying that there are several factories surrounding the school, Shen (EPA minister) said it was hard to guarantee 100 percent that none of the factories would emit gases harmful to health during their operations.

I repeat the last sentence: “…hard to guarantee 100 percent that none of the factories would emit gases harmful to health during their operations

I believe you understood the case and you got the point.

Crystal clear…

And of course, you and me have already the solution: push those factories to follow the regulations about environment or face a shutdown.

Obviously, the EPA minister has a better idea:

He suggested that the school relocate, or if not, that the students take their classes elsewhere.

Can you believe that?

So ridiculous…

And by the way, how come the government authorized dangerous factories to set up near schools (or to let schools being established there)?

Stupidity has no limit…


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10 Responses

  1. happy new year too

  2. happy new year too dude…..takecare

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  4. Honestly you ceased to expect anything positive from them after these few months of continuing farce. I mean some people are actually seriously thinking about a Camp David in Taiwan for this Chief of the region!? In this timing? That makes you wonder is it stupid or simply indifferent?

  5. A few years ago I had an interesting conversation (in a Kaohsiung bar) with a guy who worked for the EPA. As I had a few beers down me I sort of cracked up laughing and asked him what exactly he did, considering the amount of pollution and environmental violations in Taiwan.

    He opened my eyes by explaining that in many situations the EPA is powerless when it comes to big manufacturers. He says that all they can really do is issue fines (not too much) and warnings, but if they get too demanding the owners usually reply that if the EPA does not back down, they will simply relocate to China.

    Apparently this is a REAL problem for dedicated EPA officials who genuinely care about Taiwan’s environment.

    But, this is unlikely to change, unless Taiwan brings back a ban which makes it illegal for Taiwan business to open shop in China (which I personally think is not a bad idea). I really cringe when I think about how dependent Taiwan has become on China. But, that’s another story.

  6. @ Annie: I agree with the idea of a “Camp David”. But it should be located in China. So Ma and all the blue members could have a 12 months per year vacations there… 🙂

    @ Skincarediyer, yes that is the usual excuse… But according the EPA minister, the idea is to relocate the schools… What’s about all schools and people are relocated abroad and only “those” factories stay here? So Taiwan could become a dump for waste… If no willing, no results…

  7. Ma can put “David Camp” in that school. He will totally understand what he always say ” Officials needs to be in people’s shoes to feel what people are suffering”.

    Stupid EPA minister! He is not qualified. He should step down immediately.

    A Taiwanese at Taipei.

  8. Keep dreaming Freedom… Obviously a lot of political people here are far away from understanding the daily life of the “regular people”…

  9. I am not saying that the EPA is right, and I agree that the minister’s comment is outrageous.

    I also agree that most politicians, in any country, are complete morons.

    However can we at least acknowledge that there are more issues involved here, and that the idea of the EPA shutting down a business is NOT as easy (for our economy) as it may seem by looking at it from the outside.

  10. @ Skincarediyer: I know that a black-and-white approach is stupid. But still, obviously here as in many developing countries, policy regarding environment exists only on paper and are rarely implemented (same as traffic regulations).

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