The Most Important Discoveries

Man discovered weapons, invented hunting.
Woman discovered hunting, invented furs.

Man discovered colors, invented painting.
Woman discovered painting, invented make-up.

Man discovered speech, invented conversation.
Woman discovered conversation, invented gossip.

Man discovered agriculture, invented food.
Woman discovered food, invented diet.

Man discovered friendship, invented love.
Woman discovered love, invented marriage.

Man discovered trade, invented money.
Woman discovered money, man has never recovered.



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Chinese New Year

I didn’t post since few days…

Chinese New Year means vacations too 🙂

I spent almost one week in a wonderful small island in the south of Taiwan and now it is time to celebrate with family and friends the Chinese New Year (today is the new year eve).

I will go back to post on Monday or Tuesday even though Taiwan will be on vacations up to next Friday.

I will put some pictures of this beautiful island (Liu Chiou) on Monday or Tuesday.



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Taiwan and Ordinary Citizens

Facing so many scandals involving political people, a new group was created today, the Ordinary Citizens of Taiwan.

They are asking the Legislative Yuan to implement immediately a stronger legislation, along the lines of the Fraud Unearthing and Chinese Kick (Updated Significantly) act.

Thank you Quirky 😉

And in view to show his support to the Ordinary Citizens of Taiwan, Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection spokesman Wang Cheng-huei holds up the new hat all the members will wear during their meeting.

Each hat does not show the name of the member, but his seat number.

You can all notice the new color: red. It will bring luck…

Beside, Wang said that members who purchase the new red hat advertised as bringing good luck would not be able to take it back for a refund if they find that their luck does not change.

…or if they incorrectly use the hat…


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Taiwan: Prosecutors Had Fun and Minister of Justice Defends It

In the January 14 edition of the International Herald Tribune (HERE), the Taiwanese Minister of Justice defended the skit of the former president, skit performed by prosecutors including some (at least one) in charge of the case.

From the unimaginable feeling, I am switching to the incredible: the Minister of Justice justifying the “prosecutors’ show” and even adding that this show reflects the sentiment of the 23 million people of Taiwan…

And moreover he added:

"Prosecutors and judges will not hold any biases against Chen, and his trial will be open for all to see."

Here is an excerpt (you can read the full article by following the above link):

Taiwanese prosecutors performed a biting skit mocking former President Chen Shui-bian, but the country’s justice minister Wang Ching-feng said Wednesday that it will not prejudice the ex-leader’s upcoming corruption trial…

At least one of the prosecutors appearing in the skit is involved in the investigation of Chen, who has proclaimed his innocence…”

I thought there were some fundamental judicial principles, such as prosecutors cannot comment on a particular case.

They not only did it but they also humiliated the “target”…

I believe that we are not only facing an economic crisis but also a judiciary regression.



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Taiwan: Prosecutors Had Fun

Obviously, it is not very easy to understand prosecutors in Taiwan except of course if you want to put some politics into the judiciary (just remember when a while ago, prosecutors had a press conference at the beginning of the ex-president-case and said that they will resign if they cannot bring the case to its end i.e. condemn him. By the way, he is still in jail and as far as I know, there are still not strong evidence except allegations).

Last Sunday (January 11), was celebrated in the Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office the 63rd Law Day.

So, what did they do to celebrate? They created a show on a stage and as the today’s Taipei Times reported, it was meant to mock Chen, the former president.

Prosecutors played on the stage and the spectators were judges, prosecutors, lawyers…

A member of TaiwanFocus (Yahoo Group), Echo Taiwan uploaded a movie (see his blog and YouTube):

I do not know how did Echo Taiwan obtain the core part of the movie. Here is what he put on You Tube:


I do not about you, but I feel very disturbed by this show…

I remind you that until now, there are no strong evidence against the “target” of the show, target still in jail waiting his “fair” (?) trial.

I do not remember having seen this kind of show abroad…

So it’s how they celebrated the Law Day…

Quite unimaginable…


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Taiwan: Army Bought Computers from China

According the today’s Taipei Times, the army bought notebooks from China.

Knowing that until now, police and government purchase projects all excluded Chinese-made computer products for security concerns, can we say it is one more move toward China?

Obviously, it did not bother the army officials in charge of the procurement

No wonder the Pentagon has some concerns with the Taiwanese army and the new cross strait policy launched by the party in charge since last May…

But again, why am I not surprised?


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Taiwan: Why Am I Not Surprised?

According the today’s Taiwanese central news agency (CNA), the Taiwan High Court found Minister of Defense Chen Chao-min not guilty of slander today, rejecting ex-President Chen Shui-Bian’s appeal against a lower court ruling to the same effect.

A panel of three judges in the Taiwan High Court said in its judgment that Chen Chao-min’s remarks made in the legislature in his capacity of the minister of national defense were not grounds for the action against him.

The case stemmed from the minister’s statement on May 21, 2008 that the injuries Chen Shui-Bian suffered in a shooting incident on March 19, 2004 were not caused by the bullets found by police.

Branding Chen Chao-min’s statement as slander, Chen Shui-bian brought a suit against the minister, seeking compensation of NT$10 million (US$301,078).

The former president filed an appeal with the Taiwan High Court after the Taipei District Court on Oct. 27, 2008 found Chen Chao-min not guilty.

But the Taiwan High Court found Minister of Defense Chen Chao-min not guilty of slander.

Why am I not surprised?

Beside, still from CNA, an amendment that permits the opening of casinos on Taiwan’s outlying islands passed the Legislative Yuan easily today, legalizing casino gambling for the first time anywhere in country.

Is the KMT aware about the the natural environment and social costs of such an opening?

Is the KMT aware that in Las Vegas and Macao, casinos have to suffer from the crisis?

Oh… I forgot to mention one point: the Executive Yuan will also be required to set up an outlying island development fund of no less than USD 909.09 million.

So a lot of “efforts” will get their “reward”.

Why am I not surprised?


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