Taiwan: What is Happening with the Judiciary?

Few days ago, I posted (HERE) about some actual political aspects of Taiwan, mentioning (among other facts) that a political party is asking to replace a judge who did not made decisions according the “willing” of that party.

It seems that this request was accepted…

In today Taipei Times, it is indicated that …Presiding Judge Tsai Shou-hsun (蔡守訓) would take over the Chen-related case from Presiding Judge Chou Chan-chun (周占春) because Tsai had previously handled cases concerning Chen“.

I fell quite perturbed with that.

Not only a political party has (at least seems to have) enough weight to influence the Judiciary, but the way a judge is assigned to a case has been changed:

Normally, in an effort to avoid human manipulation, the courts had in recent years had to resort to using a computerized system designed to randomly select presiding judges.

But now, it is a vote which decides. A vote among the actual Court’s presiding judges.

Obviously, we are going back to the past system…

Ah… Old Times…


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5 Responses

  1. “Ah….old times…”



    Quirky Indian

  2. hmmm!!!!

    Advance Happy New Year fvarga !!!

  3. Ha. Old Times!

  4. yeah… the old times…
    but are the people the same?
    seems a bit different
    same same but different 😉
    (i hope)

    Long time no see
    Happy New Year!!!

  5. Happy New Year to you too Jo 🙂

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