Taiwan: 14 Years of Lies – How Prosecutors will React?

Since almost one year, the KMT legislator Diane Lee is accused of dual citizenship (US and Taiwan), which is totally forbidden by the law.

The US State Department provide a letter, and the Central News Agency (Taiwan) has quoted an official at the State Department’s Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs as saying that the case was closed.

Even with all these facts, Diane Lee is still denying at a a press conference yesterday saying: “Everyone should wait for the result of a review by the US State Department because this case involves US law.”

What does it mean?

Does Diane Lee consider that a letter from the State Department is not authoritative enough?

Beside, her KMT colleagues including the speaker, tried to hide the facts by marking as “confidential” the letter received by the State Department.

For the KMT, the public was not entitled to know if one of their representatives had been elected on false pretences.

What a shame…

According the law, Diane Lee is supposed to give back all the salaries she received since 14 years and also faces criminal accusations.

How prosecutors will react?

Until now, they do not seem to rush on an investigation.

But yes, Diane Lee is a KMT member, not a DPP. So obviously, there is no need to rush…


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