Taiwan- Cross-Strait Relations: Political Reality or Nonsense?

We all know that there is a big gap between campaign promises and decisions made by the new President (Chief?) of Taiwan (Taiwan Region?),  M. Ma.

Anyway, it is often the case in politics in many countries, which explains why so much people do not trust political people.

That is one explanation.

The other one is that people are stupid. Sorry.

When they are kid, they believe in Santa Claus. Then they grow up and of course they won’t believe in the Red Guy anymore… Instead, they will vote…


One article from today’s Taipei Times made me feel confused because one more similar statement from M. Ma:

“Within the framework of our Constitution, I would define the Mainland as ‘Mainland region’ and Taiwan as ‘Taiwan region’ — this is what the Act Governing Relations between the Peoples of the Taiwan Area and the Mainland Area is all about”.

Wait, it’s not finished yet:

Ma said another reason why he would not define the Taiwan-China relationship as state-to-state was because:

According to our Constitution, we cannot recognize that there is another country on the mainland, which is part of the ROC.”

Some members of the KMT party (the party of M. Ma) called this statement as logically accurate and as a “clear interpretation of political reality.”

Thus if I well understood, “Mainland (sic)” is not a country and so People’s Republic of China [PRC] is not a country.

And following his mind, Taiwan is not a country…

I can understand because the weight of China, the status of Taiwan is quite problematic… Even though history proved it is not really (because not defined yet) the case for Taiwan.

But when I read that for M. Ma, China is not a country, I am sorry…

That is a total nonsense for me and obviously he is covering himself with a old constitution blanket which has not anymore any validity.

China not been a country… Because the Constitution M. Ma is hiding under…

Totally nonsense…

…Or maybe it has a sense… both side are the same country so what about just launch the “reunification” process?

According reactions here, it seems that people are not really realizing it.

Anyway, even though they do, they will forget when the next election time comes…

I told you above. It is what I call the “Santa Claus” syndrome or… the stupidity one?

Poor Taiwan and poor people who lost their life for freedom and democracy…

What do you think?

Feel free 🙂

No. I am not supposed to smile. Should be the opposite.



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