Taiwan – China: Who is Enjoying the Weekdays Direct Flights?

Yesterday (Monday) was the first day for weekday direct flights between Taiwan and China, following the signed agreement between both countries (yes… countries 🙂 ).

CNA today announced that the loading was higher for Taiwanese carriers: 76% compared to 67% for the Chinese ones.

If you read my previous posts on this subject, you won’t be surprised.

But in fact, the difference is much more bigger since the size of the aircrafts are different: a total capacity of 4,899 for the Taiwanese side and 2,722 for the Chinese’s one.

So, if 3,753 Taiwanese passengers enjoyed the direct flight, only 1,829 Chinese passengers went to Taiwan.

In another words: the only 10% difference in the loading mean nothing.

Chinese travelers represent less than 50% of their Taiwanese counterpart.

Always dig the figures…




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