Culture Mismanagement in Taiwan

I was reading on today’s Taipei Times an article about Taiwanese exports which fell 23.3% in November from one year ago, the worst move been exports from Taiwan to China (-38.5%).

I was stunned to see on the same article, this picture:


In many countries, including in France, this is a very obscene gesture.

It is called a “bras d’honneur”.

One of the many possible meanings is “f**k you”… So you can imagine…

To be honest, according the legend of the picture, it is said:

“President Ma Ying-jeou greets participants using sign language at the Proud to be Myself —Citizen Rights of Persons with Disabilities International Conference in Taipei yesterday. Ma’s political fortunes are increasingly turning on the performance of the economy and trade in particular.”

I do believe that “he” might avoid to make this quite well recognized abroad gesture.

But the funny part is that this article is pointing out the problem of Taiwanese exports to China.

And the Taiwanese government is pushing Taiwan to the arms of China.

So knowing that, it seems that the president chef of the Region (just kidding) was telling to his detractors: f**k you, go to hell.




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11 Responses

  1. Despite the fact that Ma is turning out to be a complete GIMP, I see no reason why he should modify this gesture when talking to a local group of citizens.

    I believe that in Taiwan this gesture indicates strength. I use it myself when teaching when I want to indicate that a student should emphasize a words or phrase.

  2. Frankly speaking Skincarediyer, I never saw this gesture in Taiwan… Even after so many years.
    Sure, I believe the legend of the picture… but still…
    Anyway, I could not miss it…
    Too funny

  3. Well, it might indicate strength, but the other explanation is also credible….and a lot funnier! 🙂


    Quirky Indian

  4. I chose the latter on, Quirky 🙂

  5. oh!! i dont know much about it ……
    is it so!!!

  6. Right Friendz 🙂

  7. I grew up in Taiwan but never saw that sign of language in Taiwan.

  8. @ Taiwan Echo What do you mean?

  9. I have checked with a few Taiwanese friends, and they have confirmed that this gesture is common, and means something like “go for it”, keep on going” etc.

    If you look at election displays you might see politicians using either this gesture or the hands folded gesture (please).

  10. I grew up in TW. There’s no such sign language as what Mr. Ma did in TW. It doesn’t mean strength. It means nothing.

    I wonder what he was doing all the years he spent in the USA.
    Oh, wait, I know. He ratted on people who supported Taiwan indenpendence and got paid for it.

  11. Skincarediyer: I also checked it here and my Taiwanese friends have no idea about this gesture… The hands folded gesture is very common but this one…

    Amy: yes and obviously he was very busy in US 🙂

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