Taiwan: Ministry of Justice Put Pressure on Chen’s Lawyer

According today‘s Taipei Times, the Ministry of Justice has asked the Taipei District Court and Taipei Bar Association to investigate whether former president Chen Shui-bian’s lawyer has violated the lawyer code of ethics by conveying his client’s messages to the outside world during Chen’s detention.

As far as I know about the laws, the lawyer didn’t break any rule, given the fact he never talked about the legal case by itself.

He only passed “outside” private thoughts of the former president and never, as far as I am concerned, any details about the legal case.

So, what is the point from the Ministry of Justice?

Does it want to shut up the lawyer?

If yes… Whoah… that is another story…

If it is the case, it is time to worry about freedom…


Feel cold here…


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One Response

  1. I don’t know about Taiwan’s politics.But i can understand the situation in your post .my friend…

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