Vouchers Plan in Taiwan: Who is the Winner?

I posted yesterday some comments about the vouchers plan in Taiwan (HERE) explaining why I do not believe in its success, using very simple economical tool.

But in today’s Taipei Times, I finally found a very happy Taiwanese who cannot wait to receive its vouchers.

In fact, he has some reasons to be happy 🙂

He has 8 “wives” and… 32 children, all registered in the same household.

I am curious to see the house…

So total is 41 people and he will receive 3,600 x 41 = TWD147,600 (about USD4,500)…

Don’t call the police: according him, his wedding ceremonies were presided over by “gods, ghosts and Buddha”.

Words are failing me…



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3 Responses

  1. wow…great lol.

  2. Funny, right 🙂

  3. oh!!! i see ….41people in one family?…really great

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