Taiwan: Who is worst, Foreigners or Taiwanese?

How many times did I hear Taiwanese complaining about foreigners such as Chinese: too noisy, too impolite, too dirty…

Just name it.

But leaving in this beautiful island, how many time I witnessed Taiwanese people acting strangely, without any common sense considering the environmental responsibilities anyone is supposed to respect?

How many time I saw plastic bags, paper, whatever, when I am hiking?

Taiwan is supposed to be their own country. Why don’t they respect their own country?

In today Taipei Times (HERE), this picture was published. Have a look:


This place is located in Chingshui Village in Tatung Township, Ilan County (eastern side of Taiwan).

It is a hot spring spot where people could enjoy free of charge what the Nature is offering.

See the pile of garbage…

Not only people are destroying their own environment, but they do not care to stay in this hot spring with all this garbage around them.

And then, they criticize foreigners?

Laughable… But so sad…


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