China Denied Using Torture

The Chinese Foreign Ministry rejected a UN panel’s report alleging that police in China used torture, calling the accusations “untrue and slanderous” and saying some panel members were prejudiced against Beijing…”

The today news in Taipei Times mentioned a report published last week by a panel of the U.N.

The UN report alleged the use of torture and violence in police custody in present and past incidents.

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Qin Gang said that members of this panel were “prejudiced” (sic) against China…

Just have a look on this picture:


Chinese police kick a protester after rioters burned and smashed local government buildings and destroyed vehicles in Longnan, Gansu Province, on Wednesday. Police arrested 30 people during two days of protests that erupted after homes were demolished to make way for a new government building.

So of course, we can notice that there are no reasons to believe Chinese police is violent.

… And thus, the report from the UN panel must be considered as an evil oriented document against the poor and noble China.



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