Behind the "Diplomatic Truce"…

Last week, the “Chief of the Taiwan Region” praised his diplomacy and success.

He said that thanks to his moves, he obtained a great victory: the APEC website (in Peru this year) introduced Taiwan and Ma as the President of Taiwan.

Well, few hours later, all the data mentioning Ma were erased by the authorities.

What a big slap in his face… Just a short moment after he celebrated “his victory”.

Then later, Taiwan had to face an exclusion from an informal meeting of APEC foreign ministers.

I thought Taiwan was a member?

But still, it seems that Ma does not realized the real situation.

When a journalist asked a question to a Chinese official about Taiwan and addressing Ma as its President, the Chinese pedantically corrected the journalist’s use of “President Ma.”

Then Lien,  the Taiwanese envoy (former vice president of Taiwan and former chairman of the KMT) met Hu, the president of China. Big news here! Historical meeting!

Well… Lien addressed Hu as general secretary of the CCP and was addressed as chairman.

Beside, it was not a side meeting as usual, but a private meeting…

I call that not an historical meeting but a move which belittle the status of Taiwan.

Moreover, Lien described this encounter, as a meeting between “two old friends”…

I think that it is very clear… And no more explanations are needed.

But something more to be added: not only now the government is preventing Taiwanese to use their own flag and sing their national anthem, but obviously the classic separation of powers is not respected.

KMT is back not only to power but also in charge of everything.

The four agreements signed few weeks ago was on a party to party basis and when the legislature is pointing some legal questions, it has been rebuffed.

Moreover: KMT has announced that its highest decision-making body will now include seats for “five top Cabinet members.” The reason given for this change — and said with a straight face — was to “enhance cooperation” between the party and the government.

Who is in charge? The cabinet or KMT?

I never saw that in any democratic country.

But I supposed that the “two old friends” are pleased with this new situation…



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