About the Arrest of Former President of Taiwan

As you know, the former president was arrested on laundry (among others) suspicions.

We will see what will be the results from the investigation and the trial. If he really did something illegal, he has to be punished according the laws, assuming that the trial was fair.

Because I have no idea about what he really did or did not, I will not of course write about the case by itself.

But as many already observed, it seems firstly that the treatment reserved to him and to other previous or actual DPP members are far to be the same than the one used for KMT members in the past.

Secondly, it seems that only DPP is involved in corruption cases. No KMT have been subject of suspicions… OK. Maybe… Let’s believe it…

Thirdly, it seems that prosecutors should begin questioning a suspect as soon as he or she was detained, but it had not been always done. Any legal basis for that?

Fourthly, is the theatrical way (in jail without charges and handcuffs) backed by the laws?

Where is the principle of presumed innocence?

Where is the respect of the human rights of people, especially when justice has not made any decision yet?

Final comment: some pundits or international media are praising the democracy in Taiwan because prosecutors jailed the former president, which means that the judiciary system is independent.

My point of view is a little bit different: if the judiciary system jails a former president which belongs to the same political party in charge, yes, I call that an independent judiciary system.

But it is not the case here.

Let’s think about that.


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