Executive Yuan and Legislature: Who is Right?

It seems that both are at odds following agreements on direct sea and air transportation links the government recently signed with China.

According a today article on Taipei Times (HERE), the legislature considers that it has the right to pass bills concerning this subject but the executive yuan is denying the right for the legislature to amend laws concerning direct cross-strait links.

Legislature mentioned the fact that the agreements are not in line with the actual laws and so, they should be amended.

For example, Article 25 of the Commercial Port Act states that vessels are required to raise the country’s flag along with the flag of its own country when entering and leaving the nation’s harbors.

But the agreements signed between China and Taiwan required vessels to raise only flags of their parent companies and not the flags of Taiwan or China when traversing the routes.

So obviously, there is a legal concern now…

Who is Right?

Funny, isn’t it?




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  2. […] wrote here about the transportation deal and here about the fact that both, the Executive Yuan (Cabinet) and the legislature disagree on their […]

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