Chen Shui-Bian Chained

Prosecutors requested that the former president be remanded in custody, saying he might tamper with evidence in the bribery case against him (see HERE).


Since almost half year, The former president is accused of bribery, laundry and corruption, but he was not put in jail until yesterday.

Since a while, prosecutors start to jail DPP members, in view (according prosecutors) to avoid that they tamper potential evidences.

But I do not remember they did the same for KMT members accused of whatever.

Even the new president, accused with strong evidences was not jailed.

And beside, magically, some details without strong and obvious evidences are given to the public, which is supposed to be illegal.

So it is clear, the trial will be made by the population, not by a court.

Moreover, it is not because prosecutors indict someone that the latter will be found guilty by the court.

Only the court can decide. Not the prosecutors or the population.

People found guilty of corruption, laundry or whatever, must be punished. But until it is happening, one is supposed to be innocent.

Why don’t we have this feeling right now?

It is maybe just a coincidence that within a short time, a lot of DPP were jailed.

It is of course a coincidence that the former president has been detained in handcuffs. See the picture above…

What a symbol…

No wonder that some are suspecting a political move.

Time will let us know.

But what if, the one put in jail is finally found innocent by the court ?

His or her life and name will be tarnished for ever.

Anyway, the feeling one could get now from the media, is that only DPP members are corrupted here.



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