Taiwan and Failing Banks

Vice Premier Paul Chiu (HERE) said the government would take over failing banks if they suffered losses greater than one-third of their capital and were incapable of raising capital, the Chinese-language Commercial Times reported yesterday.


A good (necessary?) way to get assets at the lowest cost as possible…



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4 Responses

  1. today world is facing this type of problem….

  2. Necessary, I suppose…….. And unfortunate that it has to come to this. But at least the Taiwan government has a plan.


    Quirky Indian

  3. Sure Friendz, so watch your money 🙂

    You are right Quirky. My conclusion was just a wink about what the “blue” party did in the past and will maybe do again since it is back to power… But you are right, at least consumer should keep some confidence.

  4. Even in india the same problem occurs…

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