Cross-Strait Transportation Deal

So finally, what is the deal?

The agreement on aviation sets the number of direct cross-strait flights at just 108 per week, roughly 10% of the 1,001 flights per week on the Taiwan-Hong Kong and Taiwan-Macau routes.

There will be just 60 cargo flights a month, or two flights a day.

Considering that four airports in Taiwan and China will handle these flights, there will not be even one flight per day for each airport, and the number of flights is only half what the aviation industry was hoping for.

Besides, China did not agree to let passenger planes on direct flights carry freight in their holds, which would defray operating costs for airlines flying these routes and make it easier for Taiwanese high-tech companies with factories in China to maintain and develop a base in Taiwan.

According to the agreement on shipping, Taiwan is to open up 13 international and domestic sea ports for direct cross-strait shipping, while China will open 63.

This means that almost every port in Taiwan will be open to China.

Just do the math.

Not only Taiwan did not get the expected cargo deal, but obviously now, Taiwan is appearing as a “domestic” route for China.


I do not even mention the risk (criminal activities) which will of course increase.

Any improvements form the China side, concerning the number of tourists?

Uh Oh… Seems not…

Taiwan announced 3,000 per day but until now and at least for the near future, there are only about 200 per day.

Normally, people do not fire on ambulances…

So I should not mention of course the stock market: the TAIEX lost more than 53% since March (10,140.60 compare to 4,742.33).

So, “So Much Ado For Nothing” but a memorable week in Taiwan with the visit of the top Chinese negotiator, rallies, protests, strong and heavy actions from the police…



4 Responses

  1. I was initially excited about this. Hoping that it would lower my import costs substantially.

    I especially liked the idea of tax free sea freight. Since then I found that sea freight will only be used with Chinese ships (read this, so not sure of it is correct).

    In the end it all seems like just a big scam. Am waiting to hear from my freight forwarded before I know if there will be any financial benefits for me.

    However, I would have preferred it f this did not happen, China has gained too much, and Taiwan continues to roll over in submission to China’s demands.

  2. That’s right Skincarediyer.
    Let me know the results from your forwarder.

  3. i dont know much about china and taiwan relationship but i know some…but it seems that agreements is more useful for china than taiwan..more over it take some time to go in the right direction…i hope so!!!

  4. […] wrote here about the transportation deal and here about the fact that both, the Executive Yuan (Cabinet) and […]

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